Star Wars


I was half expecting it to just end up on New Hope land or at least a Hutt cameo.


Think my issue so far is that I have no idea where the narrative is trying to take me. All the Star Wars movies seem to be headed some place, this one feels like a bunch of random happenstance. Hopefully I’ll be able to rewatch it all some time this week.

My wife is the one who really likes Star Wars so I can’t be trying to finish that behind her back. :eyes:


Only desperate guys bother with single moms. When i was younger and still a bum in college, i didn’t mind. Now that I’ve graduated and am a “Success”, my free time away from my “dream job”(ugghhh!) is too damned precious to waste around women that aren’t truly worth my time.

Went in to my dealership to collect on a free oil change recently. Had this chick at the desk trying to chat me up. She was kinda cute i guess. As soon as i heard her mention her kid? Yeah, any ideas i might’ve had were over. Not even going to waste a day off attempting it. I’d rather stay home, get drunk, and play nintendo.


Stop reading right there. Mr Lets comment on someone’s post 14 days later.
First off Stu is banned or suspended for now, so he isn’t going to comment back (not that I want to defend him).
Second, you are probability that sad man that hooks up with a nice and attractive woman just to dump her the moment you find out she has any kids at all.

Easiest way to win over a woman with kids, get the kids to like you and see sees some Dad potential in you.

That really sad.


Stu is neither banned nor suspended.



Love how every time Alpha Charlie posts he shows everyone what a massive douche he is.


I don’t know wtf single mothers have to do with Star Wars.

As far as I know Han Solo wasn’t getting anybody pregnant. Shit, is that what happens in the second hour? Emilia Clarke gonna get it? :open_mouth:


^^ Desperate guy spotted. lol. Just kidding.

Like i said, in my college bum days when i didn’t have much going on, i wouldn’t mind wasting time with a single mom. Now that i’m all “successful” and crap(ugghh!) any free time away from my super-shitty, dream job, is like Gold. Just not worth taking the time to date anyone i’m not really into.

Why are you complaining? It’s more stanky, single-mom, stretched-out roast beef for you. It’s all you, Champ!


Thats a weird thing for you to smell since i havent dated anyone in a couple years now and have made almost no effort to do so.

Also that wasnt a complaint. I was laughing at you dude. Dont stop, keep the stupid coming please. Should probably move it to the lounge tho, as pointed out it has fuck all to do with Star Wars lol.


Not even our own Star Wars Gorilla is Beta enough to date a single mom.


When doesn’t she?

On topic, Young Han’s actor is such a jerk-off, the name stuck.

At least he decided to own it, I guess.

His sidekick being phonetically named:

“Chew baka” makes a lot more sense now.


He isnt baned, i though he was


Meanwhile, TLJ is still awesome.


So insecure to keep restating the lie you tell yourself.


Where do you get your gummies, chad?

I think your dealer might be cross-contaminating.



Double Boy. He hasn’t done anything to be banned. I only clap people publicly and, now that I have the powers to actually moderate, I’ll usually cite whichever GD rule you broke in the offending post.

Which is why you won’t find any post of me abusing power. Technically there’s one. But that guy was being a prick. :joy: :japanese_goblin:

I don’t really feel any which way towards the actor. Think I have more issues with the story being a little bit more haphazard than any one single performance.

My wife liked the feminist robot because it was just a snarky robot. Think I may have enjoyed the character if I hadn’t been shoved all the stuff about it being a feminist robot. The part where she talks about Lando having the hots for her would’ve also been better if I hadn’t been told that Lando is supposed to be some sort of weird pansexual being.

Did I really need he mental image of Donald Glover dicking a robot? No. It also wasn’t funny; it was sad and tragic.

Emilia Clarke is cute AF though. Same with Felicity Jones. All these one of characters hotter than the broads in the Trilogy. That’s one thing the Prequels did right. Natalie Portman leave a man sweating.


I thought i walked into the wrong thread. Disney doesn’t know how to handle their properties video game wise and it sucks Star Wars has to suffer for that.


When have i said that? Last chick i was with was about a year ago. Yes, lately i haven’t given two shits though.

Maybe I’ve been around the block enough times and gotten my fill but, i’m really enjoying the single life. So many agonize and worry about relationships and finding their “soul mate”, to enjoy the sweet splendor & simplicity the single life offers. Sad guys like you constantly begging for that stanky pussy probably can’t imagine that mindset though.

The only one stupid is you for being so obviously offended by my viewpoints. Like i said, if you dig single moms? Then it’s more used, reek pussy, and jealous baby daddy’s for you then. Enjoy.


Yep, I at times think Disney gone retarded, even with their mainstream stuff.


Your reading comprehension is next levels of wack as fuck. None of this post responds to what i said lol.