Star Wars


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Bob Igor needs to read a comment section. The guy talks about how Disney never been good as publishing games but they had Lucas Arts. They could have left all the gaming stuff to them but chose to shut them down.



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Anyway as mentioned this is the Star Wars thread so unless youre next response is about Star Wars i wont be responding. Later.


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TLJ is cinematic garbage and i still want my money back after all this time. I still remember the gymnastics i did that one faithful morning. To wake up extra early, finish up my errands, and beat the crowds to the theater for that first showing.

I still remember the blue balls when Luke tossed the saber over his shoulder. Like WTF? This garbage is what we’ve been waiting for?! And i’ll never forget Luke chugging blue milk from that sea cow. To this day i wonder what Ruin Johnson was thinking.

Then the craptacular Golden compass sidequest that added nothing to the movie and just made Rose look like a douchbag by not caring about freeing the slaves too. Snoke senslessly dying before he did anything, Poe being written as a moron, Leia ‘Poppins’, etc.

And i could go on and on. Last Jedi was pure trash and terrible sequel to force awakens.


Anyone read the new Thrawn books?


Who wrote them?


Timothy Zhan wrote the new books


I havent read them but i will be now.

I really wish Disney would hire Zahn for some movies. I would have hired him for the new trilogy if i where Disney, he is, imo the best person to ever pen Star Wars anything. Hes fantastic.


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Someone who’s not a virgin. Obviously. Yeah, it was never that big a deal. Only actual virgins stress out about it.

I take it you’re dating a single mom. Yikes. Good luck with that. Between my brothers and college buddies, I’ve never seen it end well. Especially hate those stories of the jealous baby daddy trying to start trouble. Who wants to deal with that?! Not I.


Lucas will just retcon them, anyway.

Too bad.

I wish he’d retcon 2/3 of the trilogies.

Yes, TLJ was bad enough that I wont even watch part Nein (sic).

TLJ was so bad that the acronym for part nine might as well be TMS.


Actually the new Thrawn Books are part of the new Retcon.
The two new books are more canonical now than the old Thrawn Trilogy ever was

Oh Wait, there is a third book


Give it a few years.


That is the case with all long running franchises that try to maintain continuity with multiple creators involved. Only basic things are locked into stone like Batman’s parents and Uncle Ben needing to be dead for the origins to work.


it’s The new Disney owned Lucas Film that rehired Zhan to write the new Thrawn books.
Under the new rules, the books are as canonical as the films are.

The one thing Disney did right with star wars other than setting the EU as legends is having a central series lore coordinator, books, comics and Tv shows are not allowed to contradict each other.
In the Disney era this person is credited as “Keeper of the Holocron” or “Manager of the Holocron”
Leland Chee. He was the one who got rid of the confusing tier list for Canon.


This doesnt change the fact that they chose Zahn precisely ironically due to the fanbase’s attachment to his original [ex]-EU trilogy, and that it is both a cheap ploy to garner said fanbases’s approval of the new shite direction that they’ve turned the canon down, and also a simultaneous slap in its face, basically telling the fans they’re too stupid to tell a loving pat on the head from a disdainful Machiavellian backfist to the cheek.