Star Wars


We were just Talking about Lucas Arts game studios

So I don’t know how to take this. Worst still is there a possibility that Disney might renew that contract.
Disney being more hands off on their games, this ether be a bad thing or a good thing.

The one good point is EA’s exclusivity contract is up 2023, bad side is 2023 is a long ways away still. Here hoping Disney don’t renew the contract with EA.


all i want is that single player action game that got cancelled. SW1313

this one. thats it. well, and no more baby momma talk in this thread either.


Finished Solo yesterday. Felt like the movie was more about trying to explain random shit about Han and other nerd bits rather than really show me what Han was about.

Need to watch it again. There were a lot of great special effects. Didn’t really click to me as a Star Wars movie. There was just something missing in it.

Robot insurrection scene was great. The build up was goofy but the pay off in the clusterfuck was pretty damn great. L3-37’s death was goofy in the other direction. Lando, why are you crying, she’s a toaster. You can fucking fix the thing and she’ll be back. It isn’t like in Rogue One where they had no legitimate way to rescue K-2SO. Y’all were already leaving. Pick up her hard drive and call it a day.

That weird scene where Lando tells Han he hates him…like why? What happened that made you hate Han up to that point? You couldn’t fly so he did.

Its just a weird ass script. Maybe it would’ve made more sense filmed a different way but…it’s just a weird script.


Not every fanfic can be a work of boel.


Solo is the only Star Wars movie I don’t own yet. I liked it well enough and I’ll probably grab it eventually, but it was nowhere near as good as The Last Jedi, which I’ve probably watched close to 50 times already.


Are you sure it wasn’t just once but FELT like 50?


Nah son, I own that shit on 4k UHD Blu-ray. I’ll probably watch it again tonight.


Who owns who?

I wouldn’t even own a copy to use as a coaster.

It would taint the drink.


And here I thought you liked to drink taint.


That’s Pertho.

He’s smart in pretty much every other way, though, so I can see how you got confused.


So what other sci fi everyone else is in other than Star Wars and lets say Trek as thats everyone’s go to


Annihilation, Ex Machina, Interstellar, Arrival, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.


Mara Jade


I can see it.
One of the newer novels hint at Luke having a wife at one time, no word if she was Mara or not .


The actress is in Episode IX…


Nice. Here hoping she is a light or grey force user filling in for Lukie Dookie.


Solo: How He Got All His Stuff in a Star Wars story

While I enjoyed it for what it was, still believe that there was no justification for its existence.

I did love seeing the Millennium Falcon in its hay day though.



Hilariously accurate. Solo: Explaining Shit You Already Know - A Star Wars Story


Based on the EU she was the Emperor’s Hand (like 2nd to Vader when Vader was still living).

We need more Vestara, less Rey…


A “supercut” of the ROTJ final battle came up in my Youtube recommendations. Best space battle in the saga easily.

The Millennium Falcon is quite easily my favorite ship in all of sci-fi and is one of the franchise defining pieces of tech. I may lose it if the ship doesn’t make it out alive at the end of Episode IX.