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Millennium Falcon deserves to die like Luke didn’t.


Epically, killing off the rest of the main cast?



Star Wars: The Reboot.

A New Tread

Thr Empire’s Bootstraps

Return of the JJ Guy


In Legends the Falcon was already 100 years old and been rebuilt twice. The Falcon was completely broken down and had to get a serous retrofit from the frame up in the new Republic era.


Except Luke needed to die.

Let the past die. Kill it if you have to.

That’s what makes TLJ such a great movie, and in my top 3 Star Wars movies.


I can never tell if chad is trolling or being genuine when he talks about Star Wars.

He has mastered the art of shit posting when it comes to Star Wars.


I meant that as shedding man-tears, not rage quit on the franchise.

Personally, I was OK with Luke’s death. Let’s be honest, he was probably going to go ghost at some point in this new era anyway.


It isn’t Luke’s but the bastardization his character. If Luke dieding duel Snoke and Kylo so Rey could get Leia to safety, there would be this level of rage. TLJ basically himpty dumptied the sequel trilogy. Now JJ is playing role of “all the king’s men” trying to piece it back together.


There are things that could have been done differently for sure, but honestly, the man spent about 30 years in exile. What was he doing, charging up his Force Mana? The only problem I had with Luke going out was that there was no de facto display of his power. I wanted him to at least knock over the AT-M6s. Like you said, the visual of Luke’s badassery with the Force was never displayed and I actually agree there. However, I was still OK with what we got.

Fans essentially wanted the hallway sequence from Rogue One featuring Luke Skywalker.


Luke projected himself across the god damn galaxy. And not just a hologram. He was physically interacting with Leia. That’s the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen done with the force. Kylo even mentioned earlier in the movie that there’s no way Rey was responsible for them seeing each other through the force, as the effort would kill her. What Luke did was far more impressive than Snoke bridging their minds. He projected a physical manifestation of himself onto another planet light years away.

I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about that, holy shit.


Luke’s arc made no sense. He left a map so he could be found. When they find him, he’s angry that they located him. He hadn’t spent 30 yeard in exile, more like 10. Kylo was a teenager when he took off. He thinks the Jedi should end. Yet he holds on their sacred texts for a decade, only attempting to destroy them after Rey shows up. Again he has left map to his location. A location with archive of Jedi knowledge. Who wrote this amateurish BS.


I take Rey’s appearance more like a forcing function than anything else. There are many times where people meant to take care of something and just “don’t” till something makes them do it. That map was one of those things that Abrams queued up a mystery box. Never liked the idea of turning a core character essentially into a Macguffin. Luke also didn’t give R2 the map (at least it was never explicitly stated). In the novelization, the map was part of the archive of Imperial data and R2 decoded the location of the first Jedi temple. Sure there is the line in TFA that states Lors San Tekka found the Star Map, but there is no reference that it was Luke who created it. Besides, if R2 never “woke up” they still would have been SOL.

In terms of the arc, I thought it worked. To say Luke vanquished himself in exile with no one knowing where he was, this approach made sense.


R2D2 is possessed by Anakin, and actually Jedi Mind Trick’ed Luke into putting the map into him, thereby circumventing Luke’s pacifistic intentions, and simultaneously providing us with the best Anakin since TRotJ Darth Vader, Pre-unmasking.



That actually makes more sense than TLJ :rofl:


In before the rumor these guys put out gets posted

Still interested in his trilogy. He’s much better suited for for something that doesn’t rely on anything pre-established.


the guy that almost killed himself for playing the part of jar jar.


I saw that vid a couple weeks ago and forgot to post it in here. It’s pretty tragic how the fandom regarded him. Yes, Jar Jar was a terrible character, but what he experienced was uncalled for.


People need to learn to separate the character from the actor.


Hopkins had to go full theater mode for years, after Silence.


Episode 1 was so bad it drove Jake Lloyd to schizophrenia as a result of the psychosis he developed from being bullied for sucking, and Jar Jar was so bad a character it nearly drove the actor to suicide.

And people still say TLJ is worse?