Starbase Presents: "One and Done" SSF4 Singles Single elim 3/5 rounds 12/15 10:30pm

What: SSF4 singles single elimination tournament. Matches are 3/5 rounds.

When: Wednesday night December 15th at 10:30pm

Where: Starbase Arcade 1545 4th St. San Rafael, CA

Cost: $5 entry fee to come and just play casuals. $5 additional to compete in tourney. Split is 70/20/10.

Rules: Matches are 3/5 rounds. YOU GET ONE MATCH. Grand finals is best 2/3. If you lose, you’re eliminated. If you pause mid round, your opponent decides whether or not to make you forfeit the round. You may request blind select, however, your opponent has the right to choose their ultra after you’ve already selected your character.

Stream: Streaming will be done by the post op trannies @ iplaywinner on .


I am going to this.

I like this format with 3/5 rounds… see how it goes, maybe make this a standard. :wink:

The idea was to take out the counter picking and drop “sets” by 1 round. Instead of winning 4 rounds to advance, you have to win 3 but there’s no character switch. Also, saves a bunch of time.

ohhhh snap!

Anyone from the so.bay making it up? I’m down to carpool but i get out of class at 9pm. Lmk!

Nuts, I don’t think I’ll be able to show up until after the tourney starts. : (

already posted in starbase thread but i figured it wouldnt hurt to post here as well

i just moved to norcal from so cal. i used to be part of the arcade infinity(occasionally denjin) scene down in so cal, and attended tourneys/know most of the players from that area. but now my home is in norcal and i’m looking to get in on the nor cal scene. the only problem is i dont have a car.

i would say i’m a pretty skilled player and i’ve been itching to get some games in with the local people up here. I just moved into richmond area of san fran and looking to see if anyone would mind carpooling someone new up to starbase. if anyone would be cool with it, let me know! i would love to get up there for this weeks session


n0thingman, hope you can make it brother

Hey n0thingman, I work in the sunset and am thinking of going to Starbase after work ( ~6:30). But, I’d only be 1 way, as I don’t live in SF. I can drop you off at bart, though. PM me if you’re interested

Im hoping to go if anyone else from eastbay is.

yo! thanks to alex and ben for giving me a ride up and back and thanks to everyone who offered.

the scene up here seems pretty chill and i’m digging starbase arcade, i had a lot of fun, hope to head up there next week and after!