Starbase "Sleepless in San Rafael" 2v2 8/25 w/ IPW @ 10pm


Where: Starbase Arcade 1545 4th St, San Rafael
When: Wednesday 8/25 at 10pm
What: Double elimination Pokemon style 2v2. 1 match per team member unless you win, best 2 out of 3 rounds. Winner stays on.
Rules: No pausing. Must register your character for the entire duration of the tourney. Ultra may be alternated. No same characters on 1 team. Both team members must be present before match begins. Teams are allowed to determine the order of who’s playing.
Entry Fee: $5 PER PERSON for general admission to Starbase. $10 PER TEAM to enter tourney. Split will be 70/20/10 and 50/50 amongst team members.
Stream: iPLAYWINNER TV on USTREAM: iPlayWinner broadcasts Super Street Fighter 4, Tekken 6, BlazBlue and more from NorCal and beyond… Gaming Entertainment

You have 6 days from today to form your 2 man team :). If you are unable to do so, you may form your team upon arrival if there are others here who do not have teammates. Breaking rules results in going from winners to losers bracket or from losers to being disqualified. See ya there :slight_smile:


dope! gonna get my stream on and maybe play? who wants to team with 1 week makoto???


I might as well. That way I won’t feel bad for losing.


team body snatcher/gatekeeper/guardian, lets go!


see yall there!


Sick! Can’t wait for this.


Everyone please make hype and resonably lengthened team names.


Now the new mission is to see if I can get this night off. DAMN you WORK!


i had some one switch till the realize they cant start my shift… i f’n hate work!!! and why on my bday:crybaby:


oh thats just f**ked up. Poor moses!


So who’s going to this?! IF I go, me and Sikwidit aka “Team Espanol” are gonna tear this shit up! Get fuckin hype!


If my friend jorge doesn’t want to be on my team you can team up with my like 4 hour cammy lol


I’m down for whatever you know me.


You’re all dead. Me and LPN will come to eat your souls.


mmmMmm i like souls. especially the salty ones ^.^


Team Grizzle grimmmz/crizzle underway


magus and i are team soul fuck

get ready for some soul fuck


really wanted to go to this, one day I will make it to starbase, one day.


commmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme. ( no homo)


team double dragons : Nima/ Ramin