Starbase Wednesday Late Night Tourney 6/30. Streamed by CompetitiveOnline!

So, every Wednesday, there’s usually a sizable casual session with an average of about 25 heads having had upwards of 37 ppl in the past. This last Wednesday, the attendees expressed interest in doing a tourney the following Wednesday, hence the extremely short notice.

Here’s some info on the tourney.

What: SSF4 Singles Double Elimination Tourney

When: 6/30 starting at 10pm. Yes. 10pm. Usually I can be very flexible about start times, however being that this is a night tourney, I have to be firm about the 10pm start time. Casuals start at 8, so feel free to come by and get an early start.

Where: Starbase Arcade. 1545 4th St, San Rafael 94901

Entry: $5 to play from 8 - late and $5 more to enter the tourney. $5 per person will be going towards the prize pot. Tournament entry is OPTIONAL. If you just wanna come chill and do casuals, will have 4 setups dedicated to that end and another 4 for the tourney.

Setups: 3 Asus monitors, 1 Sanwa Cabinet w/ another Asus Monitor, 3 CRT’s and 1 regular monitor. All XBox 360.

Stream: Hosted by CompetitiveOnline at CompetitiveOnline on Matches will also be uploaded to CompetitiveOnline’s YouTube Channel.

Prize Split: 70/20/10

If only the usual heads come, we’ll be expecting about 25 people in attendance, but the more the merrier. If you’ve got the time to come hang out and play some SSF4, please come on by. We’re better than Leno and Letterman I promise.

VDon-chan out!

Yay! on tourney.

Boo! My Xbox RR’d while playing with Rogerdoger. We brought it back so I hope to have a setup to contribute this weds!

il most likely be there

All Day Everyday!

I juss gotta get me a rizzzzide!

To the truckstop!

Please bring XBox sticks for tomorrow. We’re gonna need em.

8 setups tomorrow. 4 for tourney, 4 for casuals. Starting at 10pm. Casuals start at 8. See you all there!

in the Words of Hooman and Jay


1 FilipinoChamp : $105.00
2 Vangief : $30.00
3 Hoodaman : $15.00
4 Crizzle
5 Ricki
5 npartovi
7 CJ Showstopper
7 Ballitician
9 Curtis Y
9 A_Rival
9 Harrison
9 Shoop
13 iGauGe
13 Haunts
13 eltwopee
13 Hiro
17 Mr Jared
17 asianxcore
17 Leoncio
17 VDon
17 Magic
17 DemonLos
17 Moses
17 LocLaoSta
25 Offline Tony
25 Dan
25 martij9
25 Ray
25 karmaa
25 RodgerDodger