Starburst Tier Thread

I was giving this some thought when I found a few neglected pieces floating freely around the bottom of the cookie jar.

I only have enough recent experience to offer my insights as to the original fruit flavors, but here’s where I’d rank 'em:

**God Tier: **pink

A Tier: red, as long as you don’t eat too many at a time. They’re sorta rich as far as sugary chewy candy goes.

B Tier: orange

D Tier: yellow

I’m interested to hear everyone else’s thoughts and opinions, especially when it comes to the Wild Berry and California Fruits flavor varieties. I don’t remember that much about them except that plum is gdlk.

Starburts = opal fruits??

Mmm, Imma say that Pink and Red deserve to be S tier together. Orange can be B tier, and Roll Tier is definitely Yellow.

red is gross.

They are one and the same!

I’ve learned something.

smarten up, niggas. if you’re naming flavors from the yellow pack then you’re already losing. all the god flavors are in the green & blue packs.


What the deuce is starburst… Stewie voice

S - Yellow
A+ - Red
A - Orange
F - Pink

Pink & Yellow - S
Orange - A
Red - B

you guys are fucking newbies

yellow: S multi, D alone
orange: B multi, A alone
pink: B multi, A alone
red: B multi, S alone

S++: Pink
Trash: anything else