Starcraft 2 frenzy!


Hey everyone!
We all love fighting games, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one getting all hyped up with the “soon” to be released SC2 and the current ongoing beta!
I am kind of curious of how much cross-over there is between fighting game players and Blizzard fans, so please feel free to tell your stories about your favorite Blizzard RTS:s!

If you haven’t gotten into the hype yet, but would like to, or if you just haven’t heard of it yet, I’d recommend checking out HDStarcraft’s completely awesome youtube channel (he posts HD-captures of his games complete with hilarious and informative audio commentaries).

It can be found here:

He has also announced a raffle for a beta key and the only thing you have to do to join the raffle is to subscribe to his channel!

I’ll start off with the discussion by asking, what do you think would be better to practice to prepare for SC2?

  1. Playing SC1 online for similarity in game flow and units/tech/feeling.
  2. Playing WC3 online/ladder for similarity in game mechanics (subgroups, general mechanics such as building grouping, single unit ability targettings etc.)
  3. Something else?

I myself am playing WC3, mostly because I really liked the game, and the ladder is more diverse than the odd and end games available in SC1 (I really don’t like the cups in SC1, mostly because I don’t stand a chance)

Anyways, please tell me your thoughts!


Revert your thoughts here:

  1. Get a starcraft 2 beta key.

It’s pretty sweet.


Oh wow, people do still play WC3 for the innate game mechanics.


Already a SCII thread.