Starcraft II Legacy of Void Beta Key sign ups and Trailer


It has begun

Sign up for the beta key, hope you get picked

Protoss changes

Terran changes

Zerg changes


Is SC2 still always-online? I gave up on it once I found that out. Was bummed when I lost internet for a day and couldn’t play it.

And do you need to buy the story progressions to get the multi-player updates?


There is a single player mode


I got to play it this weekend, sadly protoss didn’t get much changes for multiplayer. I wanted something more fun than disrupter.

However single player was fun; I got to swap my stalkers for dragoons and make my zealots do aoe whirlwinds!


Also they said lotv was stand alone,so you can just buy it and not need sc2 or hots and be fully ready to go and play multiplayer


The SP campaign is really all I care about…but I won’t be able to get this until I can provide Blizzard my government ID to re-enable my account.


well they changed how the toss units are used. Like having the tempest only attack ground units now, but it has something like science vessel’s eradicate.

Wings single player was terrans
Heart of swarm single player was zerg
so void is going to be toss single player


Yes, which is basically a nerf to toss. Tempests dont hit air, but they get a weird aoe dot (at least they’re fast now). Immortals lose their hardened shield, and they have to toggle a 3 second shield or something now. Not exactly a nerf but they’re no longer that great vs siege tanks and the like. Nexus cannon can no longer shoot air.

Its like, this is the protoss expansion, wheres our Dark Archon? Where is blink on DTS?

Another interesting change, bases start with more workers now, and there are less minerals/gas per patch. So you mine out super fast, and thus will be forced to take more expansions. On top of that, there are lots of good harassment options now (Banshees with speed are nuts, Those new dudes that can channel an attack are good, disrupters, siege tanks being able to pick up and drop while seiged) that the game will be very spread out and harassment based, or at least it will be viable, making pro players able to really shine. Me likey.

Also check out how awesome the stage was at Blizzcon

I have a cool video I took I can upload later


Siege Tanks can pick up marines now?


hes talking about drop ships can pick up and drop tanks in siege mode. You used to have to drop the tank then switch to siege mode, but not anymore


Oooooh, that’s actually a pretty good buff.


Im also not to sure how much the lurker is going to get used. Since the swarmhost does the same thing, and can also upgrade to flying locust.


Swarmhosts got a change so they have much longer time between waves though. Also, the way I see it, Swarmhosts are for offense, Lurkers will be for defense. Swarmhosts are good for seiging and forcing your opponent to react. Lurkers will be good to place in chokes and defend expansions. But both will have their place IMO.


I missed out on the 2nd expansion, i remember seeing a lot of cool new units and then seeing a good bunch of them completely scrapped. I’m hoping that it won’t be the case again.

Also all these utility buffs to micro play and harassment really appeals to me. I fucking loved harassing as Terran and I loved siege tanks. ALL THIS NEW UTILITY.

Great blizzcon


There was only 1 scrapped unit and it was op and boring as shit


Same. I often go training in the mountains for the weekend and there’s no internet there.


There is an offline mode, and I think its been there since launch


The new protoss unit seems OP anyway. Since you can’t do anything to it until it attacks. Which means you could drop 1 or 2 in a base and kill all their workers and there is nothing you can do about it.


Well with terran, its not getting past a wall in. Unless its with a drop ship, and then it will be good.

With Zerg, roaches and lings on the map will see it coming.

With toss, stalkers can pick it off.

But dropship disrupters feels like old school reaver drops, I didnt realize they were invunerable while attacking. Thats pretty cool. I wanna see disrupter toilet tactics lol

this was the WCS stage, holy shit it was amazing. Watch around 1:05 for the cool animations


the problem though is you can not touch it until it attacks. So if they drop it in a terran base the only thing you can do is run. That would be it could just sit in your min line and stay in energy mode and there is nothing you can do about it