StarCraft II Matchmaking Thread



Please post your name and identifier and I’ll compile it all to this first post. Make sure to include what region your copy is in so I can note that and if you want what level of play you’re at and even what race you main.


(Irennicus) Irennicus.229 -Platinum Zerg-
(Pimp Willy) RushDownTV.141 -Platinum Protoss-
(MrBastos) MrBastos.347
(Reazen) Trane.433
(Raz0r) MaxPowers.437
(starkilled) starkilled.450
(ejdge) IslandSpice.668 -Protoss-
(supreme jd) SupremeJD.207
(Sacr3d) Sacred.210 -Gold Protoss-
(Magnifico) CheeseCake.580 -Diamond Random-
(Dreaded Fist) ktfhag.933 -Terran-
(drunkninja42) Terry.446
(Geese Pants) Junkhouser.703
(regulate) Regulate.393 -Protoss & Terran-
(AzN_Skater) Ufgt.174
(TSwizzle) TSwizzle.384 -Platinum Terran-
(Crown Clown) Arclight.969
(DaDesiCanadian) Anutty.985 -Diamond Canadian-
(Galactic) Galactic.863
(HaiDuongRiceMan) Phamalot.997 -Gold Terran-
(m00b) moob.785
(Seta) bcchoi.294
(fishjie) Mandelbrot.267
(MistaJuJu) mistajuju.505 -Bronze Terran-
(-JD-) ARTofWAR.471 -Diamond Protoss-
(The-Majestic) Fox.501 -Platinum Protoss-
(Mecha-Shiva) Zabuza.679 -Gold-
(amro) amro.500 -Gold Protoss-
(Akki) akki.598 -Silver Protoss-
(Pat the Great) pattheflip.729 -Gold-
(Mr. Mamation) Pissbowlin.305
(KStella55) LastAnubis.822 -Silver-
(ehwhoknows) ehwhoknows.503 -Protoss-
(kro) kro.396 -Platinum Terran-
(Magnetro) Magnetro.660 -Terran-
(inkblot) inkblot.297 -Diamond-
(Tuna) Tuna.613
(OhLikeSam) MrBlanks.967 -Diamond Protoss-
(cryptesthesia) GteambeastG.996
(Corner-Trap) Pass.158
(Fudd) Noun.459 -Zerg-
(mags) Town.915 -Diamond Protoss-
(catchafire) Catchafire.835
(forgenjuro) Forgenjuro.208
(ThatGuy_MNSk8) ThatGuy.501 -Diamond Zerg-
(av2k) ilavll.512 -Gold Terran-
(PleaseDontLeave) Suhp.455 -Platinum Terran-
(krazykraka) KrazyKraka.294
(Tafokints) tafokints.107
(Hell on Earth) GorillaZ.561 -Platinum Zerg-
(HondaUser) IPA.587 -Diamond Zerg-
(renic) renic.490 -Diamond Random-
(Silver Rain 007) Therosemine.447 -Bronze-
(FuzzieLogik) FuzzyLogik.658 -Platinum Protoss-
(Spider_Sting) KaibaThedon.848
(Natureboy 1) Natureboy.759 -Diamond Zerg-
(TaekwonV) TaekwonV.850 -Diamond Terran-
(CigarBoB) Cigarbob.969
(Hoisinsauce) Hoisinsauce.673


(Lokken) Lokken.762
(Darkstalker) Valesti.274

Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm Thread: "Embrace the light of Aiur"
StarCraft 2 FTW

I guess I’ll kick things off

North America


You already have this much in the first post:

(PimpWilly) RushDownTV.141

But heres the more detailed info you are looking for

Race: Protoss
Skill Level: Gold : (


Post updated



Can I change my damn user name? I thought it was just for the campaign and now I’m stuck with it for multi.


I don’t think so unfortunately.


What’s that number at the end mean?

My tag is SupremeJD and I play Toss, but I just started playing SC. I plan on playing through all 50 of my practice matches before I jump into actual multi.

If anyone could show me the ropes that’d be awesome.


How do you find out your number?


Hover over your icon in the top right corner. The number at the end is your character code, so multiple people can have the same name, like Sephiroth, JimRaynor and Protoss. You only see your number when you post on the forums and thats if you hover over someone’s name or your own


Hmmm, i have activated my key and played one game online, but when i go to the forums it says i haven’t made an in-game character. But in any case, the name is Regulate, NA region. Raz0r and Desi are on my list.


You can also click on the friends tab at the bottom right and then click add friend. It will show your unique # there. I can’t add you until I have that, sorry.





I play protoss.


Why did they do it like that? It sounds like it’s just gonna be hella confusing for everyone in the long run.




I’ve been very very rusty lately and playing like shit. People have the weirdest strats ever.

My id is Sacred.210 and I’m a Gold Protoss Player.


They do it like that so people don’t have to have unique names; there can be 1000000 sephiroths, for instance, each with their own code at the end


OP updated


What’s a decent zvz opening to counter early lings while building up a good econ? Is 15 hatch too slow?


North America
I play Random, I havent yet finished my 1v1 placement matches but I’ll probably be Platinum


ktfhag.933 I play Terran

In case you guys don’t check teamliquid often, vods for prime vs ogs, 2 Korean sc2 teams.
S2G Prime Vs oGs - Page 9