Stargate 12/26 Weekly Results

MVC2 (16 People)

1st Daniel Nguyen "power-dn"
2nd John Pertgen
3rd Dan Le "ShadowJin"
4th Israel R. "zero_proto"
5th Brad Carney "Carnevil"
5th Martin Phan "KimMaster"
7th Darrell Wiley "ONIONBOY"
7th Mike Lu
9th Gene Flowers "ShinNeto"
9th Ivan Rivas
9th Chris Villarreal "crowinHTown"
9th Francisco Felipe
13th Jose Ricalday
13th Jimmy Le
13th Dylan Kwan
13th Rudy Mena

Notes: Vinnnyman is no-show because of sleep :bluu:
AND…Doom assist owns John for FREE :stuck_out_tongue:

I want a rematch Dan :stuck_out_tongue: Stupid random Cable supers that kill two of my characters at once…

Brad fears the random super! Daniel fears my commando! It’s out of control.

sleep owns daniel f0 sh0. :lol: who needs magneto when i can own daniel…even in my sleep…literally.:cool:

We ever gonna get APEX for this? :frowning:

I PM’ed and e-mailed the results to Javi. So we’re just waiting on him. Would have given them to Chris (Ranma0005), but he’s on vacation.

stop crying about your points.:lol:


Actually it was me crying about the points :lol:

Yay, I am officially top 10 at Stargate :smiley:

i know, i just wanted to pick on daniel.:lol:

GOod shit power dn! I hope i can come down to play you guys at a stargate tourney soon. FEAR SPiral/IM/SEnt:mad: :mad: :mad:

Using Ironman now huh? Interesting…can’t wait to see it. :smiley:

wtf, the crow is winning matches in mvc2?


he thinks this is Tekken 4.:lol: