Stargate 5/20 GGXX Team Tourney results

We decided to hold a round robin GGXX Team Tourney:

12 people total(4 teams of 3)

1st round

2-1 Team "Bible Black(redux)"
Martin “Marneto” Phan(Bridget), Lay Chang(Slayer), Kevin “Kevmon_0” Curtis(Faust)

2-1 Team "ph34r"
Chris “Ranma0005” Chou(Baiken), Javier “Javi” Moreno(Faust), Dylan Kwan(Johnny)

1-2 Team "turtle that shit"
Jimmy “turtler” Schwenke(Faust), Jake “Zer0” Green(Sol), Jan-Micheal Del Rio(Ky)

1-2 Team "wtf happened"
Venie “Vinnyman” Guien(Sol), Brian “ryuwinz” Tyson(Potemkin), Omar Fernandez(Eddie)


Team “ph34r” beats Team “Bible Black(redux)”

1st Team ph34r
2nd Team Bible Black(redux)
4th Team Turtle that shit
4th Team wtf happened

thank god bible black didnt win…whats up with mvc2 team?

where were the good players at this time? …j/p ranma is my hero so is javi k thnkx

BTW, these are the GGXX team tourney results from EARLIER IN THE WEEK, not from the regional. Just wanted clarify that.

the date kindah gives at away no? ^_________^