Stargate 8/20 Results


We held our first ever Soul Calibur 2 tournament, here are those and the other Apex weekly tournament results.

Soul Calibur 2
1st Kenneth Black(Cassandra)
2nd Christian Uluh(Ivy, Voldo, Raphael, Xianghua)
3rd Mike Zavar(Xianghua, Taki, Nightmare)
4th Harvey Chang(Taki)
5th Chris Villarreal(Nightmare)
5th Kevin Turner(Maxi)
7th Jimmy Le(Astaroth)
7th Chris Chou(Mitsurugi, Maxi)
9th Ivan Rivas(Ivy)
9th Gus Guerrero(Mitsurugi)
9th Alex Navarro(Maxi)
9th Venie Guien(Ivy)

1st Carlos “Stiggz” Jimenez
2nd Daniel “power-dn” Nguyen
3rd Ivan Rivas
4th Ricky Flores
5th Chris “Ranma0005” Chou
5th Matt “repulsorgiest” Doinidis

1st Gus “Big Gus” Guerrero
2nd Mike “StalwartClone” Zavar
3rd Martin “KimMaster” Phan
4th Tuan “vigorous” Phan
5th Kevin Turner
5th Alex “Miami-Alex” Navarro

1st Chris “cmutt” Wong
2nd Joe “jeaux” Congdon
3rd Chris “crowinHTown” Villarreal
4th Mike Zavar
5th Gus Guerrero
5th Jimmy “turtler” Schwenke


Hey, congrats Martin and Tuan, and 2 all the placers. haha at Vig losing 2 his lil bro. You were supposed 2 S-groove that shit. Ahhh well.


my s groove owns Tuan


w00t! Another tourny i miss. Oh well, thx to the decay system, I’ll be able to miss 7 more tournys and still be able to catch up. :rolleyes: Back to wc3…


I know I’m not from your area, but if your talking about apex it was reset last week sometime so all the points are fresh. Clean slate.


Yea thanks for reminding everyone. :cool:

I decided not to use S-groove this tournament, because I chose different characters. Mainly used N instead.

BTW, I need a new team, can’t decide.


A-Groove Terry!