Stargate Arcade

Does Anyone Knows If There’s Gonna Be Any Tournies On The Stargate For July
Let Me Know Please :slight_smile:

We hold weekly tournaments every tuesday, other than that no.

How Much People Play On The Weekly

I’lll Like To Know Cause I Want To Go On July
I Want The Rematch Ranma :slight_smile:
You Remember The First Match On The TX Showdown :slight_smile:
Gee I Was Very Nervous , Combofiend Was Seeing And I Couldnt Give My Best Cause I Didnt Wanted To Make Any Mistake
I Finished Loosin Against Megaman :lol:

I Promise Ill Give My Best This Time :slight_smile:

Bout 10-20 people play at weeklies, it all depends. Summer’s here so alot more people might be showing up.

K I Plan To Go To June 22 Tourney
Is There Anything Canceling The Tourney In That Date:confused:

I’m pretty sure there will be a tourney that day, because it’ll be the last week before MWC. Nothing is guaranteed though…

What Does The MWC Has To Do With The Stargate

Most of the Houston Players are going. Including the Owner of SG, i think:confused:


K Ill Be There Next Tuesday :slight_smile:
At What Time Do The Tourney Start

around 8 o’ clock

Vinny, Daniel,Carnevil or whoever the hell is up there, take down names and get them ready for me when I get there. FOR ALL GAMES! Not just MvC2 you fags!

yah…tell that to the people that have been actually going…:mad:

Um, I hope your not talkin about today…unless I’m missing something? :confused:


Does anyone know if Stargate has a website? Its hard to google. Thanks

They had some crappy free host site up for awhile but it’s really, really outdated, but I can’t find the link. What info do you need about it anyways?

Here’s the site

Hey, leave my site alone =P

Its Been A While Since The Last Update
By The Way

Does Anyone Know When Are The Stargate Regionals

Sorry for comment about your site Ranma :o . Anyways, last years was in October so expect it sometime around there.

What are the hours for sg, what time does it open and close?