Stargate changing

attention h-town (and others)

a long anticipated time for change is now on the horizon and this post is to give everyone a brief heads up.

the last time i made a post like this was over 2 years ago when i announced on the houston thread that i was coming home from L.A. to start “the stargate”.

well now i’m announcing that a new era is coming, and an entirely new concept will be taking effect at the SG.

the stargate will be diversifying into console gaming format.

this concept has been anticipated for quite some time now, and has always been somewhat in the works. there are many advantages which will come with the console arcade format, and of course… there will be some negative aspects. i strongly believe that the goods far, far outweigh the bads though.

all of the details have not been worked out as of yet, and nothing is set in stone. these are just the broad strokes.

  • unlimited play is the main concept

  • players will be admitted by membership

  • memberships will be based on 4 types (daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly), with scaled discounts.

  • players will have the choice of bringing their own controllers or using house controllers.

  • all the main consoles will be represented, along with all of the various games.

  • players will basically be able to play as many different games as they please, for as long as the arcade is open.

  • unlimited play means players could literally play hundreds of games per day. (easily the equivilant of $30-$40 in quarters per day) tons of practice, and no excuses.

with the current state of arcade games and the heavy focus on console platforms, it is simply becoming obvious that the arcade sector will soon be out of date. it is already less convenient and more expensive for everyone.

it will probably be a gradual change at the SG, and we’ll just have to see how things go. this notice is simply to get everyone prepared and ready. change is inevitable and it is sometimes for the better. in this case it is both neccessary and inevitable.

i believe that this change will benefit the players in numerous ways, with the most obvious being “more bang for the buck”. lesser players will be able to keep playing and learning, without killing their wallats. good players can get unlimited practice as well. there will be so many other console games available to play, such as madden, halo, etc.

i hope this new phase will continue the legacy of the SG, and improve it’s overall success.


Console 3rd Strike? :frowning:

But really, interesting idea. Are you planning to expand in to Internet Cafe type stuff? If so that would probably create stiff competition with Industry Cafe, but I’d still be up for it. Are there going to be an arcade cabinets at all, or is it going to become strictly console? Anyways, best wishes in SGs new direction.


do you have any idea how much these Membership fees will be, yet?


You have the nicest quality arcade cabinets in the southwest, to see them go would be a loss to the tournament scene ;_;

People Travel for miles and hours to play on cabinets as nice and taken care of as Stargates.

But I understand what one must choose for BUSINESS

if that is the case

hook me up the the Puzzle Bobble BUSTAMOVE AGAIN Jamma Cabinet once the conversion is through


April fools!!! =D

omg =`(((((((


You really have to look at it from the game industry’s perspective.

Stargate and many of the arcades around get their profits from games that have been out for a while.
The gaming industry is not concentrating so much on the arcades anymore for the sole fact that you can make so much money by producing a game for console which a buyer will not hesitate in buying and playing from the comfort of their home.
I think stargate really hit the competitive side in many of us, and not only did it feed it, but it made it get stronger and stronger so we could be up there with the best.

There are new ways of challenging another person in your same town, across the world, or even right next to you using LAN technology. I think this change was far overdue and stargate deserves to have all our support.

There aren’t that many games that play well in the console, but you still have to look at the situation nowadays. You have evolution, which is one of the biggest tournies in the US, being played in console.
Not only would this prepare you, but it would give you more playing time and the chance to actually pull stuff out that you can’t do in the arcade (ie Ivan’s Crazy lightspeed magneto,Repulsogiests’s made up combos, kakarotte’s wannabe magneto, stiggz …whatever he does in the arcade but with an extra jab added to his combos, and best of all, crow’s weakness in the console LOL).

Competitive gaming is moving on with the times, as sad as it is to see the arcades go, things change.
I wish you the best of luck Cmutt, and if you ever need help setting up or troubleshooting stuff, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Best of Luck to You Chris!!

P.S. You should still get Tekken 5, and keep ST, and 3S for when i feel like showing up and beating up thecrowinhtown!

So exactly how soon do you plan on beginning this transition?

ok guys, get ready because the 1st phase of change is going to be taking effect within a month or so.

the stargate will be implementing the membership program.

this will occur even before consoles are set up, and will be used with all of the current arcade games. here’s basically how it’s going to work.

  • all games will be on free play.

  • all players must have active memberships in order to enter the SG.

  • active members are free to come and go as they please, and they can play as many games as they want, on 1st come 1st serve basis.

  • a daily badge system may be used to help identify active members in the arcade.

  • there is also the possibility that credit card payments may be accepted for memberships.

there will be more details to come.


i’m not going to echo what everyone else is saying because i dont want to develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome typing all the shit that i feel right now…cliff notes:

-SG was the best arcade place and with our support, it will be the best place for competition…thats basically it…

several things came to mind when someone mentioned “The Stargate”…

the main one was the competition…whenever i rolled some cat at a mall or something, the first thing he’d say after our match was “you play at the stargate dont you?” then i turned to him and say…“westwood bitch…then stargate ;)”

as long as you still see the people that made SG the source for competition, i dont see why this console rollover would matter…

good luck chris wong…

P.S. Chris, if i were you, i would get an xbox and mod it…not to mention the thousands of arcade roms and emulators that are on there, you can also download games, movies, music, etc and throw them on the xbobx hard drive…you can download the latest games out for the xbox and load them on to each and every xbox…FREE…i’ll be there tonite, if you want, i can take my xbox and show you how the xbox stations should look like…


Hey Chris, its one of the LJ guys (Kevin)…I hardly ever post, so feel special :wink:

First off, let me start by saying I LOVE the idea. For us, we drive an hour just to play at the gate. With a membership system, it will allow us to not worry about funds near as much, so we can make it up there more often…so maybe we can work our way above scrub status :wink: I know you hear this alot, but if you ever need help with anything, let one of us know.

The ONLY problem I see in the setup is taking turns. Even the quarter system with the nifty slotted 1-8 holders is too much for some =\ I can see it now…“Dude, wat the fuck, I was here first” - “Oh hell no! I was next!”. Taking away quarters also takes away our makeshift system of “who’s next”. I mean, if you had some kind of dry erase board or something beside each console system with a list of people waiting? I don’t know man, just a thought. But yea, you have my full support for the conversion…just thought I’d throw in my two cents.



That is as awesome as it is illegal :frowning:

If some guys can’t pay the yearly fee all at once, is there going to be a payment system that let’s them pay it over a period of time they need while still enjoying their full membership? Or will memberships be one-time full payments only?

modchips aren’t illegal, the roms are. The roms will work fine, cmutt own’s the orginal boards so its not illegal. to cut cost on the whole console idea it would be good if you had modded ps2’s xbox’s for the import, and backup games. You have to own the orginals tho, perfectly legimate.

If that’s true, then that is so awesome. :smiley:

Would you do that, Chris?

heh, I actually just got that in Friday :frowning: I’ve been wearing wrist braces since then :bluu: lol, I probably shouldn’t play mvc2 until I heal, but… ahahahha yeah right like that will happen :lol:

So, would that mean having a Japanese PS2 to play something like Guilty Gear XX #Reload or Hyper Street Fighter 2 AE? I’m guessing so, but I wanted to clarify.

Also, how would waiting in line for the next turn work? I’m so used to putting up a quarter and waiting.

its obviously too late to voice concernz about not doing this but hey, what willl u do with the boards and machine will u sell them? cause there might be some interested parties here…