Stargate Crazy MvC2 Battle Royal(7v7)


Houston Super Crazy MvC2 Battle Royal!!!

Team Japan beats Team Korea (31-18)

Team Japan

Vinnyman(Sentinel/Cable/Commando) 6-1
Power-DN(Magneto/Storm/Psylocke) 5-2
AsianHitler(Sentinel/Cable/Cyclops) 5-2
Carnevil(Sentinel/Cable/Commando) 5-2
Ranma0005(Megaman/Cable/Tron) 5-2
Crow(Sentinel/Cable/Commando) 3-4
Javi(Sentinel/Cable/Commando) 2-5

Team Korea

Snareboy(Storm/Sentinel/Cyclops) 2-5
Ricky Flores(Sentinel/Cable/Ironman) 5-2
Ivan Rivas(Magneto/Storm/Sentinel) 4-3
Kakarotte(Magneto/Cable/Sentinel) 2-5
Shin Kensou(Sentinel/Strider/Doom) 3-4
Alex(Spiral/Storm/Doom) 0-7
Jose Alvarado(Magneto/Cable/Sentinel) 2-5

Individual matchups
Team Korea sat on the machine.

Jose vs Javi - Jose wins
Jose vs Crow - Crow wins
Jose vs Ranma0005 - Ranma wins
Jose vs Carnevil - Jose wins
Jose vs AsianHitler - Hitler wins
Jose vs Power-DN - DN wins
Jose vs Vinnyman - Vinny wins

Alex lost all 7 matches

Kensou vs Javi - Kensou wins
Kensou vs Crow - Kensou wins
Kensou vs Ranma0005 - Ranma wins
Kensou vs Carnevil - Carney wins
Kensou vs AsianHitler - Kensou wins
Kensou vs Power-DN - DN wins
Kensou vs Vinnyman - Vinny wins

Kakarotte vs Javi - Javi wins
Kakarotte vs Crow - Kakarotte wins
Kakarotte vs Ranma0005 - Ranma wins
Kakarotte vs Carnevil - Kakarotte wins
Kakarotte vs AsianHitler - Hitler wins
Kakarotte vs Power-DN - DN wins
Kakarotte vs Vinnyman - Vinny wins

Ivan vs Javi - Ivan wins
Ivan vs Crow - Ivan wins
Ivan vs Ranma0005 - Ivan wins
Ivan vs Carnevil - Carney wins
Ivan vs AsianHitler - Hitler wins
Ivan vs Power-DN - Ivan wins
Ivan vs Vinnyman - Vinny wins

Ricky vs Javi - Ricky wins
Ricky vs Crow - Ricky wins
Ricky vs Ranma0005 - Ranma wins
Ricky vs Carnevil - Carney wins
Ricky vs AsianHitler - Ricky wins
Ricky vs Power-DN - Ricky wins
Ricky vs Vinnyman - Ricky wins

Joe vs Javi - Joe wins
Joe vs Crow - Crow wins
Joe vs Ranma0005 - Joe wins
Joe vs Carnevil - Carney wins
Joe vs AsianHitler - Hitler wins
Joe vs Power-DN - DN wins
Joe vs Vinnyman - Vinny wins



Anyway, this was a lot of fun. Man, I shoulda gone at least 6-1 :frowning: Oh well, I feel worse for Joe… this was so not his night. I hope he does better on his AP test tomorrow than in the tourney :lol: We should do it again sometime :smiley: