Stargate Funding for TexasShowdown 5/Special Guests

Although Stargate is going through dramatic changes during this time I would like to begin the 50c entry fee charge for weeklies. Even though no one has any vague idea if Texas Showdown 5 is going to happen my belief is that it will.

Ever since attending Texas Showdown 3 I’ve always tried to contribute things that would make each showdown bigger and better. At TS3 I put out fliers and put the word out to every gamer I knew. TS4 I made trailers and DVDs to ensure the success of our single biggest event of the year.

I have some ideas for TS5 that would take Texas Showdown to another level (in terms of foreign players attending) and by foreign you all know who I’m talking about.

If 50c per week is too much for anyone of you please let me know (jumpee stay out of this) . If anyone has any objections of this idea state it in this thread NOW!

Ultimately if my plans fail all the money would go back to the prize pot, attracting more comp. And if the worst happens and Texas Showdown does not happen for whatever reason I will return the money to everyone (remember I will keep track every time you pay) Anyway discuss away

I think that is a bad ass idea, Even tho i don’t get to go to the weeklies cuz i work but i might start showing up ( I Hope ) i would pay the Extra 50 cents that is not much.
Like you said if it don’t happen you will return the money, that sounds pretty fair to me. Go for it and see if it works out. Well since it is 25c to play per game in the Weekly then make them pay a Quater extra for everytime they play in the Tourny. so if i play 3times and get kicked out of the Tourny them you at least made 75c of me. What you think about that?

Skimitar I think 50c cover charge is the standard everyone is used to. Anything more then that would be asking too much and unfair to C-mutt and his business.

Good point Ashley, I understand what you’re saying from past experiences. We offered 150$ more to the pot for Texas Showdown 4, turnout was pretty much the same. Wilson offered 200$ + prizes at Midwest Chapionships 04, turnout was the same as Texas Showdown. As I stated my goal is NOT to raise the pot, heck I don’t think more people would show up if we upped the pot by an extra 500$ each. But think of all the people that would be showing up to see Ino or Bas play in person? My goal is to bring in foreign competition, something up to this point which has been exclusive to Evolution. No way I could bring in 8-12 japanese players, but I could give a shot at one or two.

This idea actually begun 1 month before Texas Showdown 4, but it was too late at that time to pitch this idea. With the sufficient time and the incentives right it would be hard to refuse the stuff I’m putting on the table. But I can’t do all this by myself that’s why I need everyone’s help.

As I said if all fails the money would kick back to the pot and help cover costs for ranma and javi. They always go into their own pockets for each showdown and that is a fact. More comments/discussion welcomed.

upping the pot money doesnt bring more people because they know it wont improve their chances of winning money, now if you use some of that extra pot money to give it to 4th 5th and 6th places etc. Then i think turnout would improve. Maybe all the way up to top ten get money?

Help?..funny one Lay. :lol:
Trust me, NOBODY helps.

help as in financial wise

Exactly. The only think upping the pot money does is give Justin Wong more of our money every year :frowning:

if i stay out of this, does that mean i dont have to pay ur stupid 50c, cuz im broke ass?:smiley:

Jummpeee is exempt granted if he gives everybody cookies, GET TO BACK WORK AND BAKE, YA BITCH ASS ELF!

If you tired of letting him take ur money and all of texas then do something about it. I know i ain’t gonna let him take my cvs2 money next showdown.

I just though about what skimitar said and that sounds like a good idea. No cover charge to enter but u have to pay and extra 25 cents to play so ur guranteed 50 from everyone and up to 2 bux depending on how many ppl go from the top 3 spots. I mean thats how much the top 3 spots take from everyone else on jsut casual play so it seems fair they use some of their money 2.

I think Lay means that the money that’s raised will go to attracting Japanese players. If we offer them to pay like half for their plane ticket or so, they might actually come to TS5 and that WILL attract more players from across the nation. It’s not about raising the pot, cuz as we saw at MWC, it didn’t help for shit. But if we attract big foreign names, we might draw more attention.
I think the idea’s alright. I, unlike jumpee, don’t mind paying the 50c.


I think bringing in Japanese players to a Texas Showdown is an awesome idea. That will give the event more national attention and probably increase the number of out of town visitors more than any additional pot would. Most people travel to tournaments not for the money, but for the competition and fun factor that is involved.

How many Japaneses players do we want to get? Which ones? How will we get in contact with them? How much of an incentive do we need to attract them (keep in mind the prize money they are likely to earn)?

How much money will it cost to get them here? I am assuming someone will be willing to house them during their stay, so travel should be the only concern. I would be willing to help in this department if I have enough space. It would be nice if someone that speaks Japanese could help them in town. I have a friend that is fluent that may be willing to help. Their stay here should be included in the TS5 DVD!

How much do we need to raise to help them get here?

Beyond the extra charge at tournies, have we thought of other alternatives to raise the needed cash?

-Paypal donations so that outta towners that are willing to help can shell out some money?
-Maybe an early online registration that gives a portion of entry fee to the fundraising (this would promote early registration and would get outta towners more involved. Maybe throw in a discount for the DVD if they donate extra)?
-A donation box @ SG?
-Maybe a portion of TS5 DVD sales can be used if you break a profit?
-Special days @SG that we pay for free unlimited play and a portion goes to the fundraising ($10, $7 to SG, $3 to Fundraising)?

If we plan ahead, we should be able to raise ample funds within the timeframe, creativity helps. Get Cmutt involved. I am sure that he could help some of these get off the ground and cook up some of his own. Any plan that is productive and also helps out SG would be great! I hope these ideas help! and yes… I AM still alive!

if you got nihonjin to go, somehow someway i would find a way to get down there, especially if you got like yukinose or kaqn… i speak a fair amount of japanese, enough anyways to get around japan and talk basics with people…

Excellent replies everyone, Thanks for all your feedback. It seems like most people are supporting this decision.

It has always been no secret that the reason why japanese don’t come more often are the ticket prices (600+$). Include free transportation+food+board and a good chunk of the ticket I don’t see why any player would refuse that. Anyway thanks for the feedback, lets keep these discussions going!

As of right now I’m looking at around 1-3 most well rounded players, meaning that they won’t show up to play just one game. Yukinose/kaqn would probably be out of the picture since those guys are guilty gear specialists and the Americans are still stuck on XX instead of #R.

You want a well rounded player get the beast himself.

the hard part of this idea is in getting the japanese players accomodated. john choi takes care of ALL of the japanese players accomodations at the EVO’s. that is pretty much his sole responsibility. he takes care of their hotels, their carpools, etc. he knows most of them on a 1st name basis and they trust him, so that makes it much easier for him. but even with that, he still says that it’s alot of work.

i don’t know if anyone here could take care of something like that. mopreme and joe are the only 2 guys that speak japanese here, and they may not have any relationships with the japanese players. it’s a very big task to say the least.

It was hard enough as it is for me to get 50 cents from everyone. Anymore and peeps will just not enter. :wink:

Lay: How much money do you want to raise? What percent of airfare costs do you want to cover for guests?

Lets Make It A Dollar :smiley:

50c sounds reasonable, I don’t plan on collecting more or less each time.

I plan on collecting at least 600$ before the tourney next year. 600$ guarantes one free ticket from japan or two at 50% price each. Either way it’ll be a great opportunnity for the japanese players. I don’t think it would be hard to get them to come, Nebraska did it once without the help of any west coast player and Ino went to NEC3 on the east coast all by himself. If the incentives are right they will come.

Accomodation is actually the easy part imo, I can easily name 10 people on the top of my head (including myself) who can provide housing, Most of us have cars so that won’t be a problem either. The biggest problems will be the cost of the plane tickets and whether we can provide japanese cabinets during the tournament itself.