Stargate January Regional Results 1/06

3rd Strike
1st AsianHitler(Hugo/Necro)
2nd Jaime(Ken)
3rd Crow(Ken/Chun-Li)
4th Mopreme(Ryu)
5th Power-DN(Elena/Ken)
5th RushDownNinja(Ken)

1st Jumpsuit Jesse(Fei-Long)
2nd Crow(Dhalsim/Balrog/O Sagat)
3rd Cmutt(Ryu)
4th Clever(Vega)
5th AsianHitler(Ken/O Sagat)
5th Ronnie(Blanka)

1st AsianHitler
2nd Sonic Boom
3rd Jan-Michael Del Rio
4th Yet Another Alex
5th Crow
5th Evil Blanka

1st Power-DN
2nd Vegita-X
3rd Magneto-X
4th Skimitar
5th Joe Reyna
5th Ron-O

Oh man. Clever got top 5 in ST? Try winning some cash next time, buddy :rofl:. But yeah, good shit.

Let’s put Marn aagainst his neighbor first round. =|

Wow, Crow is the realness.

Asianhitler with Hugo/Necro and Jumpsuit with Fei!!!? Vids? Hello?

American Players winning without the norms? Weeeeeeee! Evo2k6 is already looking interesting!

I don’t know if this was an arcade or console tournament but much props! Keep it up!



Good shit

It was Arcade. Except maybe for CVS2 since Stargate only has one CVS2 Machine

good shit daniel, chris, pat, and joe. southwest going strong this year. fosho.

Patrick is my hero…cheese!!

I wish someone did get the hugo matches on video! David played Hugo pretty much all the way except for maybe a couple times. It was crazy with the parrying. Hugo is so fun to watch!

Alright, how did i get row suppered 7 times in a match. Oh well. Fuck, i should of let Crow play.

Why do i have the 5th place curse in marvel. Good shit to everyone that joined.

Anybody that loses in a team match 0-3 in 3rd Strike to another team of Houston players does not prompt me to want to seed you for the singles tournament.

good shit pat and chris
good shit david

Daniel plays Crow first round, Houston Houston
I play Mopreme first round, Austin Austin

I think we coulda put me vs crow and daniel vs mopes. =|.



I am SO GOOD at 3rd Strike. :wink:

I just play MvC2 on the side!

Good Shit:wgrin:

This is Skimitar under my cousins SN.:rofl:

Somebody is REALLY working hard to make sure only one player from Pfluggerville is allowed at Showdown 6. I’ll give you a hint, the one named Mopreme will be allowed.

How do you turn 18 but have the mindset of a retarded 4 year old? I’m not even remotely kidding, keep it up and I will ban you from Showdown. I don’t care if you’re the best mimic in the US, your brother won’t save you from it either. Shut the fuck up Martin!

Stop bugging me on AIM with your 10928301823809283981 different SN’s!

Don’t worry next time I won’t perfect you. i see that pissed u off and caused u to go into overdrive

lol!!! pat perfected daniel?? lol!!! dirty!!!

sorry i left right after tourney…someone was mad. lol