Stargate Memorial Day Regional Results

Sat 5/24

CvS2(31 people)
1st John Choi “Choiboy” - C(Guile/Chun Li/Sagat(2))
2nd Brian Tyson “Ryuwinz” - C(Sagat/Guile/Chun Li(2))
3rd David Hem “AsianHitler” - random
4th Hsien Chang "Hsien"
5th Chris Gutierrez "Chris_G"
5th Martin Phan “KimMaster”

3rd Strike(22 people)
1st Hsien Chang “Hsien” - Ken, Akuma
2nd Mark Rogoyski “Mopreme” - Ken, Chun Li, Elena
3rd John Choi “Choiboy” - Ken
4th Ryan Harvey “Fubarduck” - Makoto, Necro
5th Tuan Phan “Vigorous” - Makoto
5th Adam Deets “Kamui” - Yang, Yun

ST(18 people)
1st John Choi “Choiboy” - OG Sagat
2nd David Sirlin - Vega, Bison, Dhalsim
3rd Jesse Cardenas “JumpsuitJesse” - Fei-Long, Ken

Team MvC2
1st Team H-town - Stiggz/Power-DN/Vinnyman
Cable/Doom/Commando, Storm/Sent/Commando, Sent/Mag/Psy
2nd Team Cali - ID/Carnevil/Chaotic Blue
MSP, Team Scrub, Cable/Storm/Tron
3rd Team Martin is Gay - ddr_gakusei/Ricky Flores/AsianHitler
Cable/Storm/Cyke, Cable/Sent/Doom, Storm/Sent/Cyke

1st Team Cali - Zer0(Sol)/ID(Sol)/Chaotic Blue(Jam)
2nd Team Austin - Fubarduck(Zappa)/Mopreme(Axl)/ddr_gakusei(Millia)
3rd Team H-Town - Water(Axl)/Genius(Dizzy)/AsianHitler(Johnny)

Sun 5/25

MvC2(31 people)
1st Venie Guien “Vinnyman” - Sent/Mag/Psy
2nd Joe Reyna - Spiral/Cable/Sent, Sent/Storm/Capcom
3rd Saif Ebrahim “ID” - MSP, Team Combofiend, Team Scrub
4th David Hem “AsianHitler” - Storm/Sent/Cyke, Cable/Sent/Cyke
5th Chris Chou “Ranma0005” - Megaman/Cable/Tron, Megaman/Cable/Sent
5th Larry Lin “NormalGuy” Storm/Sent/Capcom

GGXX(22 people)
1st Saif Ebrahim “ID” - Sol
2nd Romel Shaheed “Chaotic Blue” - Jam
3rd Tony Huynh “ddr_gakusei” - Millia
4th David Hem “AsianHitler” - Johnny
5th Kevin Turner “shin_kensou” - Chipp
5th John Bunn “Genius” - Dizzy

Team 3rd Strike
1st Team “Too Many Kens” - Choiboy(Ken)/Ryuwinz(Ken)/Hsien(Ken)
2nd Team “Austin” - Fubarduck(Necro)/Jack Lee(Ibuki)/Mopreme(Chun Li)
3rd Team Domokun - Vigorous(Makoto)/AsianHitler(Ken)/GenghisKhang(Chun Li)

Team CvS2
1st Team “Fuck the rest!” C groove - Ryuwinz(Guile)/Javi(Honda)/Choiboy(Sagat)
2nd Team “Cheaters!” C groove - Hsien(Sagat)/Crow(Chun Li)/AsianHitler(Cammy)
3rd Team “K-Groove!” K-groove - GenghisKhang(Zangief)/Vigorous(Mai)/Sonic Boom(Blanka)

Thanks to everybody for coming, hope the out of towners had a good time and safe trips back home, lates!

Hey, that’s not the team name they put down on the sign up sheet! :bluu:

Good shit to Romel and ID, way to represent So cal and RUN. Peace Out!!

way to go motherfuckers.


good shit id and chaotic blue.

Fun tournament, too many games and too many lollicup, I actually was able to get a free drink in just 2 days, can’t beat that.

thnx guys for coming down this past weekend…i had hella fun hanging out and seeing the boys agains…hopefully you guys can make it back to H-town…good job to everyone that placed in every tourny…until next time.

LOL team Daigo got both top 2:lol:

I gotta make it to one of these Tx tourneys eventually.


good shit
hem is my hero so is tuan

Fuckin David, doesn’t even play mvc and placed 4th. Yea you prolly hate that game but practice man so you can beat Jwong’s big ass! Everyone know’s u can do it. Congrat’s Vinny, I hate your sent. Fun tourny, latez

don’t hate on Sentinel…show the robot some <3 man…cuz he really can’t get any as it is.:frowning:

Good job ID and Chaotic Blue, representing Cali!

Damn, Ken/ken/ken for a team tourney it just too damn good!:lol: