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Stargate Preopening
Anniversary Party
SG 1- Regional
Texas Showdown 3 - pg 1
Texas Showdown 3 - pg 2
SG 2 - Finished Setup
SG 2.5 - Suite F
SG 2 - Regional 2003

Texas Showdown 4 - pg 1
Texas Showdown 4 - pg 2
Texas Showdown 4 - pg 3
Texas Showdown 4 - pg 4
Texas Showdown 4 - pg 5
Texas Showdown 4 - pg 6
Texas Showdown 4 - pg 7

EVO 2k3
Miscellaneous Pictures

MWC 2k4 - pg 1
MWC 2k4 - pg 2
MWC 2k4 - pg 3
MWC 2k4 - pg 4
MWC 2k4 - pg 5
MWC 2k4 - pg 6
MWC 2k4 - pg 7

SG 2 - Consoles

EVO 2k4 - pg 1
EVO 2k4 - pg 2
EVO 2k4 - pg 3

SG’s Last Regional - Nov 2004 - pg 1
SG’s Last Regional - Nov 2004 - pg 2

The Gate - Warehouse - pg 1
The Gate - Warehouse - pg 2

Texas Showdown 5

How’z it going fellas, it’s been a long time since I’ve been on SRK so let me just say “Wsup” to all of you guys out there that I haven’t seen or talked to in a long time.

I’ve recently been informed about alot of the bad blood and various other problems going on within the community lately, and I took the time to read up on some threads and bring myself up to speed with what’s been happening.

I’m really too far removed from things anymore to be much help in all of these matters going on, but I’d like to say this to everyone:

“Remember who we all are, where we all came from, and what brought us all together in the 1st place. We do our fighting on the machines, and that’s where all the ass kicking takes place.”

You guys remember those days right? When we loved it whether we kicked someone off the machine or whether we got kicked off of it ourselves. Back when all that mattered was having a good time and most important of all… being around the best competition.

My advice to everyone is to try to keep that in perspective.

It’s been a long time now since the old days and I’m sure alot of our memories have faded away and been forgotten by now. I think enough time has gone by now and it seems like a good time to share a great glimpse back into the past with everyone… back from the very beginning… all the way to the very end… and with everything in between.

I’m making available all of my pictures from the Stargate years, along with a few random pictures from other occasions. They represent the history of all of us here, and hopefully they serve not only as our memories, but perhaps as a reminder of our bond as well.

It’s a lot of pictures dating back from 1st opening, to all of the various tourneys, parties, and showdowns. Almost everyone is in them, including some friends and competitors that aren’t around anymore. (note: some of the pictures come from other sources)

Javi will be posting all of these pictures on his website and he will provide the link here on this thread. He’s out of town over the weekend so he’ll probably upload them sometime next week, and he’ll probably do them in a couple of separate batches, so they may not all be up at the same time.

So here they are, enjoy them, and remember… the greatest thing that came from all of those years is our friendships.

peace, my brothers


I can’t wait to see those pictures.

I would’ve never gotten into games as much as I have if it wasn’t for your arcade and Ranma. Not only that, I got to meet some really worthwhile people there that I can now call my friends. You especially.

Stargate defined what a perfect arcade should be like. Playing games that were constantly kept working properly, with people that you enjoyed being around.

An arcades reputation is only as good as the people behind it. Stargate would be nothing without the your guidance Chris. You define how all gamers should act, and it was only magnified by the way you ran Stargate.

I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to share Stargate with everyone and I’ll remember it always.

Thanks for letting everyone share your dream Chris, even if it was only for a little while. You tha man.

Woa. I can’t wait to see those pics. Whut up Chris?.. I havn’t seen you in awhile. I pray your doing well, I see you moved on. I hope you threw in some Pre-stargate get together pics, that would be cool. that would show the level of love we had for playing. Remember driving to egypt to play at the wizard?.. priceless. R.I.P Ray

Well I see ya around Bro. Dez.

so,is stargate shutting down?I’ve always wanted to visit there.

It was shutted down back in 2004

Stargate was the greatest Arcade Texas Has ever had cant wait to see these pics

It’s too bad I missed out on it =(

The only time I was able to hit Stargate was after it was shutdown but was open for a little while for regionals after Showdown 5 in a small warehouse.

Why was it shutdown?

Look at the Arcade scene… theres you answer.

Well, Tilt is pretty much dead, and has shit games, but its still open.:wonder:

DDR keeps it alive somehow

nothing but Goths and Emos play that game.:rofl:

Let’s not spam this thread please.

Stargate Arcade was the backbone of the entire SW Fighting Game community from its inception to its bitter end. It was missed greatly, and the lingering effects of its loss can still be felt in the community to this day. Having been part of helping Cmutt with all sorts of random odd jobs with SG and Lollicup, I’m happy to have been able to help him out with his dream of owning his own arcade. I’m sure we all miss the place and wish we could all go back to 25 cent Sunday nights, Super Bowl BBQ’s, and Tuesday night Weeklies. To those that went, remember the good times and lets try to keep that spirit alive. To those that didn’t, I hate to say you missed out on a good thing, but hopefully ya’ll can enjoy the fruits of labor that came from SG and the scene we all helped to nurture in Texas and the SW.

Yeah, I remember 25 Cent sundays and when gas was a $1. Now games are a $1 and gas is $3. awww… I wish It could all go back to the days.

i surely do miss stargate. I remember the days when i lived in beaumont (1.5 hours away), and i would drive all the way to houston, sometimes on school nights, just to play. Goin it at it with cmutt on alpha 2…good times

SG is the shit

if i were to think of certain points of my life i wish that i could relive…SG would have easily be one of them. That may sound stupid to some people, but it was a place where everyone felt they belonged. I actually enjoyed the very first location the most…playing cvs2 with ryuwinz, hitler, alex, zavar, etc. Those times were the best.

It makes me sad to know that SG is done for…because it truly was the essence of competition at its finest.

It also makes me sad to know that earl wasnt around to be a part of it.

SG, Earl, and Ben will truly be missed

p.s. MAAAAAN i used to LOVE sending fools to the change machine hahaha

thanks for everything cmutt

Stargate almost made me want to move to Houston. I’m not kidding.

…Stargate made Dallas Arcades look like Mcdonalds play areas.

I’d like to see what I missed, it closed down just before I got here.

Ahhh, the change machine! I miss that fool soo much. I called him “Changy”. Stargate was the shit because of c-mutt and the people that played there. Down with the Neo-Gaming Niggas :tdown: .