Stargate Pictures


lmao changy hahahahaha


JAVI, c’mon with the pictures arleady fool… people are gonna start thinkin that Cmutt has lost his mind. (those that don’t already think that)

i’m old enough as it is, without you making me look like i’ve got early stage alzheimer’s!!


old and yet still so sexy…gotdamn i always enjoyed watching cmutt play arcades standing up…mmmmmmmmmmmmm

One thing people didnt really give SG credit for…was the effect it had on players branching out from local to national. A lot of players started attending national and regional tournaments because of SG.


I miss Houston~

cmutt: Dallas misses you and the best named arcade ever.

Genius: best SG memory was me blowin’ green with you and THEN not being able to drive to SG and having to get picked up , hahahahah


ok, ok…

1st gallery is up, and it’s in no particular order. Yes, the site is old, I haven’t done anything with it, but I’ll add more concrete links and work on the site as I add more galleries.

Stargate Preopening


yeah that was fkn hilarious…you looked like you got punched by mike tyson…haha you were way out of it haha…man the games at SG were fun as hell when we got there though


…why do I remember that…


Brought a tear to my eye. :sad:


Errrrr ahhh, Westwooooooood!!!


white howwrrrrrr… that’s all i remember besides jmmwestwood dissin everyone and their momma … God was john a bitch back then or what! lol


lmao @ jumpy…yeah i guess i was a bitch back then…actually…now that i think about it…im still a bitch :sad:

will somebody be my friend?


2nd gallery - Gallery 2


Brings a tear to my eye.


I still remember the my 1st tournament at SG, TS3 I believe. Insane turnout and I got to pwn a few nubs( and get owned by R4 K-Groove Ham Lvl3 Super).


Wsup fellas,

Since Javi has been pretty busy and hasn’t been able to upload all of the pictures to the TS website, I decided to go ahead and upload them via PhotoBucket.

The format isn’t all that but at least the pics are there for everyone to check out. Hopefully javi will have time later and will still upload them onto his site.

Anyhow, I’m adding the links to the original post and I’ll be updating it as often as I can. Enjoy the pics and share your thoughts and memories of them here.



great pics cmutt…the best one was the one with stiggz getting money from the change machine hahahaha thats great

also theres one with fubar and tuan…fubar has this crazy look at tuan like he is going to mindrape him or something…and tuans just like “bitch you crazy”

great stuff cmutt


I miss my jerseys


i know i didn’t start going until late 2004 but man i’m feeling all nostalgic now


yeah, i was only in town when i wasnt in class during the holidays and always made my way over to sg religiously every night since the first one. was my favorite part about coming back home. everyone that i played games with at school was jealous too. unfortunately, i was never in town for any of the big tournies and never really got to get in all the practice that i would have liked to had i stayed in houston.


WOW! That really brings back some memories. That was an awesome time in the gaming community. I am glad to have been a part of that scene.

MAJOR props and thanks to CMUTT and all of those that supported the community (too many to list) for bringing that all together.

GGs to ALL. Thank you.

p.s. Yes I am still alive. Hit me up with a PM if you miss me! =P