Stargate Regional Results 1/18 (CvS2, 3rd Strike)

Stargate Regional Results 1/18 (CvS2,MvC2,ST,3rd Strike)

1st David Hem "AsianHitler"
2nd Hsien Chang
3rd Alex Navarro "MiamiX-Alex"
4th Ryan Harvey "fubarduck"
5th Brian Tyson "ryuwinz"
5th Ashley Hernandez
7th Chris Villarreal "Crow"
7th Kevin Turner "shin_kensou"
9th John Bunn "genius"
9th Chris Gutierrez
9th Martin Phan "KimMaster"
9th Gus Guerrero “BigGus2002”

3rd Strike
1st Hsien Chang (Elena,Ibuki,Sean, Akuma)
2nd David Hem (Ken, Makoto, Ryu, Urien)
3rd Mark Rogoyski (Yun, Ken, Chun-Li)
4th Ryan Harvey (Makoto)
5th Cory Sullivan (Oro)
5th Harvey Chang (Urien)
7th Chris Wong (Oro)
7th Brian Tyson (Ken)
9th JW McNay (Chun-Li)
9th Adam Deets (Yun)
9th Tuan Phan (Makoto)
9th Joe Congdon (Yun)
13th John Minco (Makoto, Ken, Chun-Li)
13th Jimmy Schwenke (Hugo, Ken)
13th J.L. Zeller (Ken)
13th Brad Carney (Akuma, Yang)
17th Chris Chou (Ken, Q)
17th Chris Villarreal (Chun-Li)

MvC2 Team Tournament
1st Vinnyman/Alex Navarro/Mike Lu
2nd The Chief/AsianHitler
4th Genius/Ranma0005/DarthSalamander
4th Stiggz/Ricky Flores/Anjita
8th Ivan Rivas/Mopreme/Caoboi
8th Carnevil/Crow/Gus Guerrero
8th NormalGuy/Javi/Codiac
8th Static_ex/Kevmon_0/John Pertgen
9th Power_dn/OveRRide/GhettoKimchi

1st Jesse Cardnenas "JumpsuitJesse"
2nd Javier Moreno "Javi"
3rd Alex Navarro "MiamiX-Alex"
4th David Hem "asianhitler"
5th Chris Wong "cmutt"
5th Joe Congdon "jeaux"
7th Brian Tyson "ryuwinz"
7th Hsien Chang

1st Daniel Nguyen "power-dn"
2nd David Hem "asianhitler"
3rd Venie Guien "vinnyman"
4th Ricky Flores
5th John Pertgen
5th Carlos Jimenez "stiggz"
7th Dan Le "ShadowJin"
7th Charlie Sukhee “nsx31”

I selling David t-shirts!

damn i wish ricky could have gone, fuck iwish NO oculd have went… whos this ashley chap??

full results up now

Anybody know the teams used for CvS2, and any highlights or dramatic matches. Nice job on getting 3rd Alex, it sounds like the comp over there is really good. Thanks in advance for any info.

I’ll try naming the teams, I’m posting what I saw, so they COULD have played MORE people:

1st David Hem “AsianHitler” - (K-Yama, Rugal, Geese2 + TONS Others: C-A- Kyo, Sakura, Cammy, Kim, ETC)
2nd Hsien Chang - (P-Sagat, Yun, Ryu…N-Ken/Ryu/Sagat)
3rd Alex Navarro “MiamiX-Alex” - (A-Vega, Sakura, Bison, Hibiki, Rolento?)
4th Ryan Harvey “fubarduck” - (A-Sakura, Bison, Blanka2)
5th Brian Tyson “ryuwinz” - (N-Akuma, Ryu, Sagat…C-Sagat, Guile, Chun2)
5th Ashley Hernandez - (K-Akuma, Sagat, Blanka2)
7th Chris Villarreal “Crow” - (N-Chun, Sagat, Blanka2)
7th Kevin Turner “shin_kensou” - (K-Sagat, Cammy, Terry2)
9th John Bunn “genius” - (K-Vega, Chun, Blanka2)
9th Chris Gutierrez - (C-Vega, Yama, Sagat2)
9th Martin Phan “KimMaster” - (A-Rolento, Iori, Akuma, Cammy, Sakura, Bison2)
9th Gus Guerrero “BigGus2002” - (C-Iori, Yama, Sagat2)

Cool, thanks for taking the time to right that. Just a quick question, not to take any credit away from girl players, but “Ashley Hernandez” who got 5th place, was that a girl, or a guy with a feminine name? just curious.


so this ash dude is just random guy and he got placed high? props.

of and props to javier :slight_smile: finally i havnt seen him get top 3 like ever

David played Kim not Sakura
Hsien played P Ryu/Yun/Sagat

I also played Cammy. and Akuma. :bluu:

My highlights: I lost to Ryan. :frowning:

where does this David Hem guy play at? Austin or Houston? And is the 3rd place guy “Mark Rogoyski” Mopreme ?

David also played C Sakura.

I just wanted to give props to David Hem for getting second in MVC2, and to Brian Tyson for taking me out of the SSF2T tournament. Also, mad props to Jesse for having the sickest Ken I’ve ever seen.

I learned a few things, and I’ll be at the next regional to place higher.

Special thanks to CMutt for having an awesome arcade, and for teaching me a few new tricks.

Edited the teams and post.

Thanks man. I appreciate the compliment. I expect you to come out harder next time you come down for a tournament. See you next time :smiley:

Mark is a third strike player from Austin. David is too good, he was kicking my ass with A-groove Yun. Ashley was the guy who eliminated me. Oh yeah, those were some good Cvs2 matches Sunday Gus.

Storm running away for 70 secs makes mvc2 the best game ever! :rolleyes:
It was a fun tourny tho. Wish more of u guys showed up tho. :mad: Props to the guys that did come down. Hopefully the next tourny will be huge. I want to win GGXX!

Hope u come down for Texas Showdown 3

If u do cya then.