Stargate Team Tourney Results



1st Team "In Stiggz We Trust"
Carlos “Stiggz” Jimenez, Walter “psyk0sis” Martins, Gus “BigGus2002” Guerrero

2nd Team "Shoot 'em up!"
Ivan Rivas, Chris “Crow” Villarreal, Clay Vest

Martin “KimMaster” Phan, Kevin “Shin_Kensou” Turner, Darrell “ONIONBOY” Wiley

4th Team "…wtf…seriously…"
Venie “Vinnyman” Guien, Chris “Ranma0005” Chou, Charlie “nsx31” Sukhee

5th Team "Fuck Cable, seriously, fuck him, fuck him and die!"
Brad “Carnevil” Carney, Kevin “Kevmon_0” Curtis, Jan-Micheal Del Rio


1st Team "Chris, Chris, and oh hey what do ya know, Chris"
Chris “Crow” Villarreal, Chris “Ranma0005” Chou, Chris “Cmutt” Wong

1st Team "Kevin, Kevin, and this other guy that wants to be a Kevin"
Kevin “Kevmon_0” Curtis, Kevin “Shin_Kensou” Turner, Tuan “Vigorous” Phan

3rd Team "Crazy C-groove Madness!"
Gus “BigGus2002” Guerrero, Ivan Rivas, Jan-Micheal Del Rio

3th Team "Martin had to leave early =P"
Martin “KimMaster” Phan, Brad “Carnevil” Carney, Darrell “ONIONBOY” Wiley

3rd Strike

1st Team "Randomness ownz j00!"
Chris “Cmutt” Wong, Chris “Ranma0005” Chou, Brad “Carnevil” Carney

2nd Team "Oh god, we lost to Ranma?!"
Joe “jeaux” Congdon, Chris “Crow” Villarreal, Gus “BigGus2002” Guerrero

3rd Team "Fuck this, time for DDR!"
Kevin “Shin_Kensou” Turner, Kevin “Kevmon_0” Curtis, Jan-Micheal Del Rio

4th Team "Too Many Oro’s!"
Tuan “Vigorous” Phan, Ivan Rivas, Darrell “ONIONBOY” Wiley


WHOO HOO! :smiley:

OMG too true :mad:


fuck c4bl3 wh0r3s!


Daaaaaaaamn right :mad:

Although I admit yer Cable is pretty fucking good.


heeh…thanks dood…my team has a good lock down on Sentinels with Cable on point…


I noticed :frowning: My Sent didn’t do like any damage against you :frowning: That’s okay, I’ll just have to find a way around it :smiley:


venie, chris, and charlie are on the same team and they lose, wtf. is charlie coming to regionals? just curious


yea, i personally thought they had the best team…i asked charlie if he was going and he said he was going to try to make it…


It was my jill, it was to good.

:lol: :lol:


what where the chars for 3s?tuan u let me down guy…


Let’s see… teams were (as I recall):

cmutt: Oro
Ranma: Akuma (?)
Carnevil: Akuma

Jeaux: Yun
Crow: Chun
Gus: Ken (?)

Shin_Kensou: Yang (?)
Kevmon_0: Ken (?)
Jan: Q (?)

Tuan: Makoto
Ivan: Oro
Onionboy: Ken (?)