Stargate Tuesday Killer Team Bonanza


These were team tournies run KOF style

MvC2(3 teams)

3-way tie for 1st

Team Power-DN
Mike Lu (Sent/Storm/Cyke)
Javi (Team Scrub)
Chris Jefferson (Rogue/Cable/Cyke)
Marneto (Mag/Sent/Cyke)
Power-DN (MSP)
Ivan Rivas (Team Santhrax)

Team Vinnyman
Alex (Mag/Storm/Sent)
Carlos P (Cable/Blackheart/Cyke)
Andjita (Team Combofiend)
Ranma0005 (Megaman/Cable/Tron)
Stiggz (Team Scrub)
Vinnyman (Team Scrub)

Team Snareboy
Jummpeee (Rogue/Cable/Capcom)
Omar F (Blackheart/Cable/Cyke)
Shoryuken (Storm/Sent/Ironman)
Crow (Team Scrub)
Kensou (Sent/Strider/Doom)
Joe R (Storm/Sent/Cyke)

1st Team Daniel is too Good!
2nd Team Martin sucks

Team Daniel is too Good!
Power-DN (N Sakura/Yamazaki/Sagat)
Mike Lu (C Cammy/Ken/Sagat)
Mike F (A Sakura/Bison/Blanka)
Big Gus (A Rolento/Sakura/Bison)
Crow (K Vega/Cammy/Sagat)

Team Martin sucks!
Ivan Rivas (C Vega/Cammy/Sagat)
Marneto (K Kyo/Rolento/Hibiki)
John S (C Cammy/Sakura/Hibiki)
Sugar Land (C Ken/Guile/Sagat)
Omar F (A Eagle/Sakura/Bison)

3rd Strike
1st Team Dudley is top tier
2nd Team Juicy Juice

Team Dudley is top tier
Mike Lu (Ken)
Mike F (Chun-Li)
Javi (Ryu)
John S (Dudley)
Crow (Chun-Li)

Team Juicy Juice
Power-DN (Ryu)
Dan Le (Yang)
Marneto (Yun)
Big Gus (Chun-Li)
Jeaux (Yun)

1st Team Paris by Night
2nd Team Random shit sucks!

Team Random shit sucks!
Martin (Jam)
Mike F (Potemkin)
Crow (Eddie)
Sugar Land (Slayer)
Vinnyman (Sol)
Kensou (Chipp)

Team Paris By Night
Ivan (Chipp)
Don (Potemkin)
Mike S (Ky)
Vinh (Chipp)
Alex (Slayer)
Jake (Sol)

Match breakdown

Martin beats Ivan
Don beats Martin
Mike F beats Don
Mike S beats Mike F
Crow beats Mike S
Crow beats Vinh
Alex beats Crow
Lay beats Alex
Jake beats Lay
Jake beats Vinnyman
Jake beats Kensou

Mike Lu beats Power-DN
Dan beats Mike L
Mike F beats Dan
Martin beats Mike F
Martin beats Javi
John S beats Martin
John S beats Jeaux

Power-DN beats Ivan
Power-DN beats Martin
Power-DN beats John S
Power-DN beats Sugar Land
Omar beats Power-DN
Omar beats Mike Lu
Gus beats Omar

Team Power-DN vs Team Vinnyman
Mike Lu beats Alex
Mike Lu beats Carlos P
Andjita beats Mike Lu
Andjita beats Javi
Chris J beats Andjita
Ranma beats Chris J
Martin beats Ranma
Stiggz beats Martin
Stiggz beats Power-DN
Ivan beats Stiggz
Ivan beats Vinnyman

Team Vinnyman vs Team Snareboy
Jummpeee beats Alex
Jummpeee beats Carlos P
Jummpeee beats Andjita
Jummpeee beats Ranma
Jummpeee beats Stiggz
Vinnyman beats Jummpeee
Vinnyman beats Omar
Vinnyman beats Shoryuken
Vinnyman beats Crow
Vinnyman beats Kensou
Vinnyman beats Joe R

Team Power-DN vs Team Snareboy
Jummpeee beats Mike Lu
Jummpeee beats Javi
Jummpeee beats Chris J
Jummpeee beats Marneto
Jummpeee beats Power-DN
Jummpeee beats Ivan


Team Paris by Night? Who the fuck gave us that name? Lol…
Man, my Chipp is so rusty. He was like sleepy and shit. That’s what you get for playing Testament all night and change right before the tourney. Whatever, no shame in losing to Crow.
These team tourneys are tight, we should have 'em more often. Good job on keeping track of everything, Ranma.