Stargate Weekly 4-15 Results

GGXX(22 People)
1st David Hem “AsianHitler” - Potemkin
2nd Kevin Turner “Kensou” - Chipp
3rd Brian Tyson “Ryuwinz” - Potemkin
4th Venie Guien “Vinnyman” - Sol
5th John Bunn “Genius” - Dizzy
5th Jimmy Tran “Water” - Axl

Highlights: Ryuwinz gettin a timeout victory over Genius, wtf there’s a time limit?! Vinnyman pulling a Dragon Install + Random DP strategy to beat Water. AsianHitler is still evil.

MvC2(15 People)
1st Venie Guien “Vinnyman” - Mag/Sent/Psy
2nd Chris Chou “Ranma0005” - Megaman/Cable/Tron
3rd Carlos Jimenez “Stiggz” - Cable/Doom/Commando
4th Luis Luna “SupremeMagnus” - Sent/Cable/Commando
5th Ivan Rivas - Mag/Sent/Psy
5th Daniel Villarreal “Kakarotte” - Mag/Cable/Psy

Highlights: Megaman rapes eveybody until the grand final, damn you Vinnyman! Power-dn fucked up royally and ended up 9th.

3rd Strike(15 People)
1st Harvey Chang “Lled78” - Urien
2nd Brian Tyson “Ryuwinz” - Ken
3rd Tuan Phan “Vigorous” - Makoto
4th Jimmy Schwenke “Turtler” - Ken
5th Khang Le - Alex
5th Joe Congdon “jeaux” - Yun

ST(9 People)
1st Brian Tyson “Ryuwinz” - Guile
2nd Joe Congdon “jeaux” - Vega, Honda
3rd Chris Villarreal “Crow” - Dhalsim, O.Sagat
4th Chris Wong “cmutt” - Cammy
5th Chris Chou “Ranma0005” - Blanka
5th Jimmy Schwenke “Turtler” - Ryu, Vega

CvS2(16 People)
1st Brian Tyson "Ryuwinz"
2nd Chris Villarreal "Crow"
3rd David Hem "AsianHitler"
4th Omar Fernandez
5th Andres Escalante
5th Santos

lmao haha XD
good job to vig and kensou as well!
westwood…how u gonah let the time own u man? *shakes head

w3rd!!! i’m telling you, there are uses for the Dragon Install dammit.

MvC2: w3rd again, screw that MM.
:mad: :fury:


u and your weekly’s. Good job people