Stargate Weekly results 11/26


MvC2(17 people)
1st Venie “Vinnyman” Guien
2nd Carlos “Stiggz” Jimenez
3rd John “Genius” Bunn
4th Matt “Repulsorgiest” Doinidis
5th Joe Reyna
5th Martin “KimMaster” Phan

CvS2(20 people)
1st Brian “ryuwinz” Tyson
2nd Jesus “juiceman” Aguilar
3rd Omar “Hypnotize” Scanu
4th Jimmy “turtler” Schwenke
5th John “genius” Bunn
5th Tuan “vigorous” Phan

ST(12 people)
1st Brian “ryuwinz” Tyson
2nd Jesse “JumpsuitJesse” Cardenas
3rd Joe “jeaux” Congdon
4th Nelson Wen
5th Chris “cmutt” Wong
5th Alex “MiamiX-Alex” Navarro

3S(17 people)
1st Brian “ryuwinz” Tyson
2nd Chris “cmutt” Wong
3rd Alex “MiamiX-Alex” Navarro
4th Chris “crowinHTown” Villarreal
5th Joe “jeaux” Congdon
5th Kevin “Kevmon_0” Curtis
7th Kevin “shin_kensou” Turner
7th Jesse “JumpsuitJesse” Cardenas


goog going Brian in 3s…kenwins your new name.
wheres Harvster?


I can never make it to Tuesday night tournies. Was perfectly happy when they used to throw 3S on Saturday, then for some reason people stopped entering 3S and it died out. Oh well. :bluu:


Wow Ryuwinz…again.


Alex playing 3S? What the hell?


Chun-Li, back fierce + low forward XX Super


Ryuwinz is rackin shit up out there…Someone out in TX needs to step it up…either that or he’s that good…I wanna get my ass out to TX real soon and play with the comp Congrats to Jesus “Juiceman” that guy’s coming up and deserves it…

 -Brandon :cool:


damn vig, u need more mokoto lessons i guess :frowning: