Stargate Weekly results 4/22


MvC2(16 people)
1st Joe Reyna (Spiral/Cable/Sentinel)
2nd Carlos Jimenez “Stiggz” (Cable/Doom/Commando)
3rd Ricky Flores (Cable/Sentinel/Doom)
4th Jimmy Schwenke “turtler” (Cable/Storm/Cyclops)
5th Chris Chou “Ranma0005” (Megaman/Cable/Tron)
5th Andres Escalante (Magneto/Cable/Doom)

GGXX(14 people)
1st Darrell Wiley “ONIONBOY” - Anji
2nd Jimmy Schwenke “turtler” - Faust
3rd John Bunn “genius” - Dizzy
4th Martin Phan “KimMaster” - Bridget
5th Carlos Jimenez “Stiggz” - Faust
5th Jan-Michael Del Rio - Ky

3rd Strike(12 people)
1st Tuan Phan “vigorous” - Makoto
2nd Harvey Chang “lled78” - Ken
3rd Chris Wong “cmutt” - Oro
4th Javier Moreno “Javi” - Ryu
5th Joe Congdon “jeaux” - Yun
5th Jimmy Schwenke “turtler” - Ken

Xmen vs Street Fighter(12 people)
1st Harvey Chang “lled78” (Storm/Chun Li)
2nd Carlos Jimenez “Stiggz” (Sabertooth/Ken)
3rd Jamail S (Cyclops/Magneto)
4th John Bunn “genius” (Charlie/Sabertooth)
5th Darrell Wiley “ONIONBOY” (Charlie/Ryu)
5th Chris Chou “Ranma0005” (Cyclops/Gambit)

Super Turbo(8 people)
1st Chris Villarreal “Crow” - Guile, O Sagat
2nd Joe Congdon “jeaux” - Honda, Vega
3rd Javier Moreno “Javi” - Ryu, DeeJay
4th Chris Chou “Ranma0005” - Blanka, Ryu
5th Chris Wong “cmutt” - Ryu
5th Jimmy Schwenke “turtler” - Vega, Ryu


YAY FOR ME!!!:slight_smile:


Who’s is this ‘KimMaster’ you speak of?


GJ Joe!


I heard its this stupid asian kid who keeps braggin about his Magneto combos, but loses Mags in 10 seconds on average, then has to get lucky with Cable to win.


well I don’t feel too bad losing xmen seeing as I got outcheatered by the harvey and carlos. Next time I’ll just double storm!!! HAHAhA!!!


Yep, that’s KimMaster alright.


I think he changed his name to MARneto… thanks. :smiley:


Hey I didn’t know there was an X-men vs. Street Fighter tourny :eek: I woulda enter’d. Is there gonna be one next time? Good Job to Turtler. I suck. Ok Latez


Oh, I get it. MARtin, MARneto. Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, does it? :rolleyes: Then again, neither does Carntinel :stuck_out_tongue:


good one joe.:lol: inside joke


good job tuan, u should use sa3 next time around angrymakoto>nonangry makoto.
wtf how did marteeen place in ggxx :frowning:


Somebody kill Vigorous


no doubt…somebody kill vigorous