Stargate Weekly Results 5/25

1st Joe “Snareboy” Reyna - Sent/Storm/Capcom, Spiral/Cable/Sent
2nd Chris “Ranma0005” Chou - Megaman/Cable/Tron, Megaman/Cable/Sent
3rd Carlos “Stiggz” Jimenez - Sent/Cable/Capcom
4th Daniel “Power-DN” Nguyen - Cable/Storm/Cyke, Sent/Storm/Capcom
5th John “JummPeee” Pertgen - Rogue/Cable/Capcom, Cable/Cyke/Capcom
5th Venie “Vinnyman” Guien - Storm/Sent/Capcom, Sent/Cable/Capcom

Stiggz and Ranma rock the winners bracket, Vinny gets owned by his own Sent, JummPeee is still random as fuck, Daniel is forever owned by Mexicans, and I hate Spiral.

1st Martin “Marneto” Phan - Jam, Eddie
2nd Jan-Michael Del Rio - Johnny, Venom
3rd Jake “R0B0T” Green - Sol
4th Venie Guien - Sol
5th Tuan “Vigorous” Phan - Millia
5th Jeff Sheng - Johnny

Jan comes in all late n shit, starts in losers, almost wins the random select finals w/Marneto.

1st Omar “Spyderman” Fernandez - A Eagle/Sak/Bison
2nd Martin Phan - A Rolento/Sak/Bison
3rd Tuan Phan - C stupid character/Sagat/Cammy
4th Lay Chang - C something or other/Ken/Sagat
5th Gus Guerrero - C Yamazaki/Iori/Sagat
5th Gene Flowers - A Eagle/whatever/I hate this game

Omar comes in and takes out the Phan bros.

3rd Strike
1st Tuan Phan - Makoto
2nd Joe “Jeaux” Congdon - Yun
3rd Javier “Javi” Moreno - Ryu
4th Gus Guerrero - Ken
5th John Sanchez - Dudley, Oro
5th Dylan Kwan - Ken/Chun?

Dunno, didn’t watch this one.

damn dude, LJ is moving up on the charts, getting some wins in casual and beating Ivan first round of the tourney…

Lay’s CvS2 team is C Guile, Ken/Cammy, Sagat(2)

Dylan played Ken for 3S.