Stark's perma-glaive style

To be fair I’d hardly advocate playing entirely in glaive. I’m most comfortable in glaive and try to stay in it as much as possible, but there’s still times where I recognize a need to make use of the tools of a different stance. I think it is foolish to discount the tools of the other stances; they’re there, I may as well use them. But from neutral, I’m most comfortable in glaive.

My statement was more of a general statement towards ammy and stances. I wasn’t trying to imply anything upon you, just the general posters that seem to think in “mono this” or “mono that”. As if they could not be interchanged easily and fluidly. Even if they realize that it can be the case it seems as if they ignore the possibility and remove it to the impractical category of things. I just wish to make the picture of an effective ammy more clear to those who may not be able to see it and support the pursuit of the realization of this picture.

From a purely philosophical standpoint I’d say discussing things like they are currently leads towards gameplay reflecting that discussion. A person that discusses ammy as if you could only choose one stance reflects a gameplay like the discussions. Whereas a person in the habit of thinking, discussing, and playing in all three stances will be more likely to adapt on the spot and in general, or would you not agree?

Finally some common sense in this thread. Thanks mr Raww.

I dont see how that has anything to do with this discussion tbh. The fact that every weapon has an advantage in a certain situation/matchup should be obvious to any half decent ammy player. What we were talking about is which weapon is the best in a specific sitation, when you’re in XF3 (mainly for rushing down, mix ups, combos and catching runaway characters). I personally think that the glaive is the best one here, that doesnt mean that the glaive is the right choice 100% of the time against any character (and that should be obvious without saying it) but it does mean that if you want to do the things i mentioned above (which is what most ammy anchors do especially if the opponent has more than 1 character left) the glaive would be the best choice. There’s an exception to everything and no answer is 100% true in all cases, besides it works both ways, like you can tell me that beads are better than glaive even in XF3 against big characters who are weak against zoning, but at the same time what if the other player has a life lead or more than 1 character and is just sitting there blocking/avoiding you’re projectiles (which dont do much chip) while they waste you’re XF (and possibly match) time? So ya there are exceptions to everything, we’re just discussing which weapon is generally better in this situation.

Sorry for necrobumping, but I gotta ask you, what do you do at the start of the round with perm glaive? Do you do the thing that Udaterasu does and Super Jump H stance cancel H?

I generally don’t lead Ammy anymore but when I do I do that sometimes.