Start a petition to remove the oil concept from Hakan

Right now, Hakan sucks. No, don’t even try it, he just sucks. The oil concept breaks him. Play against Hakan? Rush him down. That’s all you need to do, stay within range so that your MK/MP moves reach him and win, cause he can’t do anything since none of his moves are safe or good overall. So I’m thinking that we should start a petition to remove the whole oil concept cause no character should rely on another move that’s incredibly unsafe just to make him slightly better than Dan.

To quote the most loathsome site, 4chan:

wat is this i dont even

You know I’m right.

Hakan has no AA, at least not a good one. Nothing to punish Sagat with except ex slide which itself isn’t easy to get since you need oil for the move itself to actually be worth shit. So first you get oil, which you trade for 1 hit of spam. No ex bar yet? Dive in to CC. But then you have no oil. Trade it for more spam. Use ex slide. Nice punish, now what? Go for crossup HK. Did it hit? Rofl, of course not. What happens now? Sagat uses Tiger knee. Can you punish it? No. Can you stop it? No. Can you do anything? No. You’re out of oil now and you lost the game.


So you’re saying that Hakan is so bad that one should just reroll? Fantastic.

Oil is what makes Hakan well, Hakan. Want a different character? Play someone else.

Yes, I know. But the oil concept needs to be remade cause right now it is the sole reason to why Hakan is shit. I’m at 5050BP with him so I’m not new to Hakan. He has so many tools that you can’t use 100% cause of oil. Imagine how strong Hakan would be without the need of Oil all the time?

If you don’t enjoy Hakan now, then you might as well quit him because 2012 is bagged and done, in other words, SF4 is bagged and done. Capcom is going to move on to other things now, so everyone is pretty much stuck with whatever they got.

Capcom has successfully trolled you into thinking they give a fuck.

it’s pretty easy to stay oiled up as long as you’re knocking down the opponent and guessing right, especially since he starts the round that way now. I think you’re just a bad player.


I don’t know what’s more ridiculous: The justification, the belief that starting a petition would work, or that the OP thought people cared enough to sign it.

Basically what I did. I went to T. Hawk and never looked back. Hakan has some tools – I’ve lost to some high ranked ones, but nothing I find works on a higher level without me spending like 500hrs of play with him to understand EVERYTHING in his arsenal. At least with Hawk I feel like I can get out of some jams easier lol.

Say what you will, but mash out works. Problem with that? Don’t drop combos :slight_smile:

And the point of this thread is…

Ok I know absolutely how you feel. I’ve had this problem too enemy jumping in you put Standing HP and the hit box isn’t reaching the opponent jumping in above you. F lp’s active hit area is too far to hit. Block will only lead to more mix ups and bad situation. I say the problem is not the character, it’s us, me and you we don’t react fast enough. Hakan isn’t made to always confront jump in with hits though it’s easier for me to say than done I know… and it’s not easy to change the mental reaction / muscle memory to think about to slip under or back dash CC cancel to surprise opponent, Hell I even mess up the FDNC input big time!

Keeping range from enemy is important for both oiling and anticipating moves. The mentality is more about yanking anyone down who is grounded in front of you from jumping away with f lp and hp. yeah it’s a guessing game… sure but with experience it gets better.

I’m no where near good but I think the worst part that Hakan players suffer is when we start to panic, all our timing become off. Moves executed without being thought out carefully. It’s about training your muscle memory. I’ve been off from OL play for few months and I could feel my rustiness eating away at me skills I suffer HUGE point drop but heck I don’t care… maybe it’s the people around me thats gotten better good challenge still. What’d you do with no opponent to fight? No higher level to reach eh?

What do you say, Let’s give it another go hmm?

I don’t even play Hakan and I find this thread funny. If you think Hakan sucks don’t play him , or be prepared to play better than everyone else. Otherwise just quit SSF4

Can’t pick a new character, let me go to SRK and create a petition so Capcom remakes him.

Ive seen a few Hakans go to hawk because even though thawk is thought of as a bad character… he is much easier to win with. Keyword easier. I love playing hakan (I also use gouken, rufus, and rarely gen) but at one time i used thawk and having the same reach on your spd is sorta nice. You dont have to mash with hawk cause ppl fear SPD so much you can do other things almost for free. PPL still walk right up to hakan when hes dry or near dry. I have had oil run out at the worst time and whiff a dry spd that i setup while i had oil. But eh… Hakan is fun so fudge it… the wins will come.

And to OP… Oil* IS* hakan… It would be nice if s.hp OR f.lp did not require perfect timing to use (as AAs) but other than that hakan is who he is… love him or leave him.

For those of you who wrote serious responses to this thread, reread the original post. Read it carefully.