Start and back replaced by left button and left trigger on xbox 360


hello guys, i need help.
basically what i want is to replace some buttons with some others on my xbox 360 console.
i have an official xbox 360 wired controller. (gamepad)
i’ll explain better:
i use this pad on my pc too with g*po and there i can freely set my buttons, even start and back, yes. i do NOT use the two left buttons of the pad, i’m not comfortable with using them.
things are obviously different on xbox 360 console… i do not care about left button and left trigger, i’d like to use start and back on console games too.
so i ask: is there a way to use the left buttons as start and back , and use start and back as LB and LT? Thanks for your help guys, i admit i do not have so many hopes but who knows .

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It is possible, but requires some sensitive soldering and hacking, cutting traces and stuff. In short, it’s not something that you can easily be guided through. The idea is simple, just cutting and redirecting traces, maybe a small chip involved, but this is something you really should get a pro to do for you. Gummo here on the forums is the most prolific pad hacking monster, along with a half a dozen capable modders who probably could pull it off. Check the ‘looking for a modder in your area’ thread and ask around. If you can’t find any here, I am sure than any pad techs that deal with things like rapid fire mods would be able to help as well.
It can be done, its not too hard for the pros, but the light touch with the traces and understanding of the different pad models means I would not recommend it for anyone who isnt an old hand at modding controllers.


thank you so much man, i thought it was a stupid question but really, i feel better playing with back and start :smiley:

thanks again!