Start and end time


This is going to be my first time attending evo and I would like to know at what time registration begins and at what time the official tournament ends. I want to book my flight as soon as possible and any input would be appreciated.


Registration is online only so you must register before the event even takes place. Usually our last final event ends around 10pm sunday night, so you can plan accordingly.


Sorry, first time user. I asked the wrong question. At what time those the tournament begin? and by registration I meant, do you have to check in or show ID before the tournament or does the tournaent just begin and your name is called?


Thanks MrWizard for the reply. Just asking because I don’t know if I should leave on Thursday or get there early Friday.


The actual tournament will begin friday morning around 9am. The schedule of what games in what order has yet to be determined.

If you signed up online, you only have to show up when your tournament game starts, or you can show up early to pick up your badge and whatever other goodies we have for you.


Sammy if you’re flying in I suggest getting there thursday night. Most people do. You don’t want to have to play your matches right after coming off the plane.


Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.


Crap I didn’t think it started so early since I didn’t really see anything on the evo2k site. I booked my flight for early friday but I’d be at the hotel probably by 10, There goes that plan pretty upsetting, oh well at least I can watch the matches I guess.


I could be wrong but usually there’s a little opening presentation. If you’re there by 10 it really shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t want to speak for the admins but you might be ok.

disclaimer: I am not in any way addociated with the organizers, I only speak of experience. Please don’t kill me if my information turns out to be wrong.


I was wondering this too. Valaris+MrWiz=lotsa awesomeness.


Is there any kind of pre-event Thursday night? To pick up your badge, etc., so that Friday morning isn’t so hectic?