Start, Back and Guide button not working on MadCatz Fightstick Pro. (lock switch is set to UNLOCKED)


Needing some advice on how to troubleshoot this issue. My MadCatz Fightstick Pro (x Tekken edition)'s Start, Back and Guide buttons aren’t working. Before you guys ask, the lock switch is set to the unlocked position.

The switch itself physically looks fine, but the PCB seems to think it’s at the locked position? What should I check here? I tested out the turbo functionality and it’s working fine (LEDs light up, assigning turbo to punches and kicks work fine), so the front-panel PCB might be OK and it’s just the lock switch that’s acting up. But any advice would be appreciated.


is it under warranty? Do that first

look under the switch itself; open it up, unscrew the board, see if anything is loose or weird there


Ive had this happen to me before. This is how I fixed it:

Open the stick up, double check that all connections to both PCB’s are secure (I unplugged and plugged back in all connections on mine).

You may need to unscrew the control panel pcb and make sure that everything looks good on it as well.

You can also try moving the unlock switch from left to right in quick succesions.