Start button broken, I HATE IT

I own an SE madcatz stick, and a start button that doesn’t function 90% of the time

I can’t replace that single button which drives me to the edge of insanity, and I know for a fact it works if I hit it 10 times.

How can I get this button functioning again? Rewire? switch end/start buttons?

Make sure the disconnect to the terminal strip is secured and try again. If the problem persists, disassemble the Start & Select/Back button assembly and gently clean the rubber pad and PCB contacts with alcohol.

Allow to dry before reassembling and testing.

Cleaning the pads worked, I also switched over the buttons

Didn’t think I’d be able to take off the PCB since it was covered in red glue


oh I need to change this thread to resolved somehow

Another SRK “happy-ending”. :wgrin:

Lies! It’s not a happy ending until it’s drilled out and replaced with a pair of 24mms.

Well, i’d like to go out with some guile-esque sunglasses pose by saying I’ve found the actual cause of the problem

The SE stick’s start button PCB board is screwed in between two clamp-like holders

The PCB board is actually smaller than the gap that holds it, meaning that the board gets pushed back from the buttons, which makes the gap for the start/end button larger.

This means that the buttons barely make contact and the way I used to hit the buttons would push the board back; this is a design flaw :\

Here’s the design
green: board
grey: pads on the start/end
black: surround

I’m happy now, believe me