start saving....

a heads up -

start saving your money if you want to get -

New SF Comics, busts, action figures, wireless controllers, mini-mates, trading card game, and anime.

What’s the scoop on the Zero 2 anime?

Anime? :d

yup. anime. thats all I can say now. more to come…

I love you,man! Seriously,I will buy all the comics,busts,anime,wireless controllers and action figures I can get my grubby hands on. My money is already saved,thank you.

The next busts are Ryu,Oro and Akuma,right?

And saving…I shall start! ^^

Man, being a Street Fighter fan is costing me a fortune!

when are you going to reveal which will be the next bust besides Akuma?!..btw a morrigan bust would be very welcome :slight_smile:

trading card game you say, anime i must see, and mini-mates, whats that?

It will be Ryu after Akuma. Sculpting in progress including Ken, Guile, & Sagat. Maybe I shall start a voting thing like SOTA?

And these a work in progress Alpha 3 Cammy statue too!

Man, I came up for a system for a SF Trading Card Game years ago. I honestly think it would have worked and been fun, but I had no idea how to actually proceed with making it offical. I’ll definitly have to take a look at that.

I think it’s great that there is so much merchandise, I’ll attempt to buy as much of it as possible :karate:

Anime :wow: :encore:

Oh,man! I can not wait! I will be buying all of those! Cant wait to see the Cammy statue and Sagat bust!

The voting thing would be awesome! It would get alot more attention on the product and generate more talk like it does for Sota! please consider it!

two questions
any third strike characters considered for busts or sculpts, like Oro,Q,Alex,Ibuki,etc.?
and will you be doing busts or statues of the darkstalkers like Demitiri,donovan and Morrigan,etc?

Definately Alex. He needs his props and gets ignored alot to be a main character. It’s obviously too soon in the comic but in other merchandise SF3 needs representation.

Hmm…An SF card game…

cancels trip to Europe

I really don’t see a SF trading card game taking off (like Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon) but I’ll definitely give it a shot.

Awww, I cant wait!!! This all sounds so exciting, more comics, anime, cards, busts and a CAMMY STATUE!!! Can you please make sure the anime has English subtitles for the deaf and hearing impaired, I would love to buy it!

Can’t wait for the comic to continue and the other SF stuff looks great!
Any news on the Rival Schools comic or is it still just ‘Coming Soon’?

Anime? OOOOOOooooooooooooo…

I wanna see the wireless controllers too, but the tcg sounds neat too.

Closed-Captioning would be better than subtitles, I’m hearing impaired myself :tup: