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First up is this one.

Here’s another clip from that article:

:rofl: That’s a sure cure for Affluenza. Well, start dropping 'em.



Dat ass…is gonna be passed around like a joint where he’s going.



You must read this one.

Is the thirst real? You tell me.



Proposed bill in Cali enforces consent in college sex


:rofl: @specs Now, your custom title will be more usefull than EVER.

“Excuse me, princess…but sign this before I smash, please?” I see this being worth some future LOL worthy news reports.



How is this any different from what we currently have?


I think you have to sign a waiver or some shit now in college just in case that nasty slut you just banged gives you the herp. Then you can sue. But she can still sue you for telling people she gave you an std.

IS that how this works?


If the girl backdashes out of that oki, Link can chase it with;

“Well excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me again”


Gonna hate it because of the good ol’ rape zone card will be pretty much nullified.

Girl: “HE RAPED ME!!” Yeah, he’s gonna get it now…

Officer: “Um. here’s your consent form…and in your handwriting.”




There’s actually a way bigger, much more likely problem than that.

And it’s the girl saying he raped her, because he did.


if he really did it, Then justice should be done. If she’s lying about it, then justice should be done. College is one of those places where young people are out on their own for the first time. The inner person tends to come out. For some that’s a good thing, for others, it’s not.

EDIT: hopefully, This can help weed out, or at least narrow the list of false rape claims so that the real ones can get more attention. If the rapists know they have an ever-increasing chance of getting caught, they won’t be so quick to do it.



I dunno, your typical rapist probably has a very warped sense of justice and entitlement.


knowing has never stopped anybody hell bent on doing it.


How stupid is this? The woman–and man–can withdraw consent at any time and the other party is expected to stop. Seems pretty legit to me.


You people…


White knights are in it for the pussy. I’m in it because I fucking hate inequality.

Anywho, another liberal hippie douchebag story just to ruffle some feathers:

Supreme Court decides that harassing abortion clinics is “free speech”:

As someone who had a female friend accidentally walk into a religious anti-choice joint parked conveniently across the street from an actual abortion clinic, this shit is garbage, but hey, we’re a dumb species.

Truly, we live in the future where drones can peep on naked chicks:


You don’t even know the meaning of white knighting so I suggest you drop the fuck off the face of the earth and take the time to learn. The longstanding axiom on SRK has always been, “get yours, she wants it.” That is a BULLSHIT attitude to have and has led to countless sexual assaults. If a woman, in the middle of sex, wants to stop, you have to respect that wish. You can’t use the excuse, “we’re already here. I’m going to finish” because that is actual rape. It’s not even a gray issue. You chose to ignore her demands and continue on.

And you’re from my era of SRK, so this makes it especially sad. You never grew up from that way of thinking and are pretty much a piece of shit. So do me, and the world, a favor: go play in traffic.


This is a hilarious ruling considering that SCOTUS has a 100-foot buffer zone for protestors.


You are hands down one of the stupidest people on the board and you always have been, i usually allow that to pass that fact that you state there is no grey area in such an important issue like that shows you truly have no idea what you are talking about and need to stay far away from this subject matter because you cannot discuss it like a rational adult.

I’ll never argue in favor of continuing if she says no mid act, but to act like it’s such a simply cut and dry issue is inane and so short sighted.

I am used to most people on this site making the argument of injustice vs injustice is ok if the longtime offender is bearing the brunt of it, men cannot be offended against etc. So i’ll save all of our time and not address that.
Do not ever attempt to take me to task regarding an issue of true importance such as this, you are unable to even communicate without self serving vitriol yet you attempt to send pedantic insults my way about "never growing out of a mindset"
Learn to keep your own yard before looking into mine.


I think I butthurt you. Good. Maybe you’ll shut the fuck up and go back to lurking.