Started a T-shirt company. Any advice? (pics inside)



neat. may i ask where you get your custom shirts made? they look solid quality

:rofl: Shatta being the first to reply and his response is gold.

I wouldn’t wear them but that’s in no way a critique of the design, more of a critique of my fat ass.

lol, but seriously. cool stuff.

The reaper vs the angel looks kinda cool, all the other shirts look very basic.
The two griffins holding each others hands looks gay.

Have you already posted this on sherdog?

I know sherdog is a bag of assholes, but you gotta go to the source if you wanna advertise for that type of consumer.

Maybe give a few shirts away to promote your brand by randomly picking a name on a Facebook like.

If you have a local fight gear shop, make a couple of cards and shit and see what they say about carrying 2-3 of your designs.

I’m just pulling these out of my ass so I’m not sure if it will all work or not, but it doesn’t hurt to try at all.

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be careful a couple designs look super affliction. i know you want that look but theirs a gray area on what they can sue you over.

I wouldn’t worry about Affliction suing MDS. I would personally worry that it is like an Affliction knock off. Why would anyone wear your shirt when they can get an established brand like Affliction?

I’m not dissing your brand, bro. Just trying to give my constructive advice. You’ve already gotten professional, releasable shirts, but your main problem is you look like everyone else. When people think of kleenex, they think kleenex as kleenex.Kleenex has a monopoly on Klee…I mean tissue paper for your nose. How am I as a consumer going to see your clothes?

As for promoting, you have to shell out money in order to make money. Have you looked into sponsoring local promotions? BJJ/MMA events and maybe even BJJ/MMA clubs? I actually know a guy who’s pretty successful at clothing. One way he promoted was with club nights. Make an eighty-sixed club night with music for your main demographic. Sell your stuff there and give away a few shirts. Club nights are a risky investment, but let me tell you now that there are club promoters who might want to lighten the load on paying for their night since it’s tough to break even, so if you help sponsor another person’s night, you not only get his crowd, but you get your crowd to mingle with his crowd.

Have fun and good luck bro.

invest in much larger sizes 5xl-8xl

alright thanks guys. I haven’t tried sherdog yet but I will. Thanks for the advice

I have to agree with maxx you need to be careful afflic and tapout are pretty free with shitting on people who come to close to their designs.
But your best bet is to latch on an up and coming fighter.
Get some promo stuff and hit some local training clubs and give some stuff away.

You want them to think of your gear when associating with fighters.

Also your pretty close to me,send me a PM some time and if your up north a little futher we can go try and talk to Hackleman.
He’s kind of an asshole so do not be surprised if he turns you down flat but there is a good following at the Paragon here and a lot of the guards at Lompoc prison train including some Strikeforce undercard guys.

I hate the Affliction brand ugly t-shirts, but good luck. Have you been to any MMA or combat sports gym, you could probably find a few fighters who would be happy to wear free t-shirts at events…

You should establish your brand as the alternative to the ones worn by chubby 12 year old kids that cut the sleeves off their t-shirts.

Are you involved with any kind of grappling/mma scene? Your best bet would be to hit up some gyms for sponsorship, work out a deal or two. Set up a table at local mma/grappling tournies and go from there.

Those shirts aren’t my stilo, but you are probably trying to reel in the casual/The ultimate fighter fans anyway.

< Art Director @ Screen Print shop in SF, CA.

Strongly suggest some promo/semi free work for your local target audience. Local gyms that specialize in ‘x’ martial arts, etc.

Work for a non profit in general also helps spread the word out. I know the margins are fairly in your favor, even though blank shirt costs have gone up considerably in the past two years. But simple 2/3 color setups shouldn’t really cause you too much trouble - if your main goal is to ultimate latch on to some long term clients.

Kickstarter is also not a bad place to work out some marketing campaign.

-edit- You’re also going to have a hard time sneaking your way into even getting in touch with the people that matter, for events that may be directly sponsored/supported by MMA and the likes. They more than likely have multi-year contracts with large, well established print shops that offer huge discounts in bulk purchases. A lot of digging, favors, etc. and networking will ensue. Be persistent and it just might pay off.

Yeah everyone at evo told me how fat you got and I was like that guy’s just tal lthen I saw you x_X JK Don’t ban me.

Looks kind of like Ed Hardy shirts, nice but not my style either.

Hahah he’s right. I gained quite a few pounds. Too much even. Although health wise it’s better than I was before.

How do you got iron man on that shirt?

It would be sweet if you could get a whole Marvel vs Capcom line up going.

Get you some artist from here and have them do unique work for your brand with the marvel/capcom endorsement.

Smells like money.

I still say their is money in a big country Rufus Nelson shirt.