Started playing again... for 2013

Hey guys I started playing this game again in hopes that ver.2013 will be good. I only played the game when it came out for a little bit. In other words I’m not sure what I’m doing lol. I’m recording the matches I play with some commentary for fun. Feel free to tell me what I’m doing wrong other the obvious execution which I haven’t had practice with.


Abuse mp as anti air even more, and cancel in to mp fireball or go for high/low when they land. Confirm links in to manual launcher if Ogre does not have low life or a lot of recoverable life. Find situation spesific combos (Even though I know u are waiting for 2013) where you can decide if you want to keep ogre in for mixups and pressure, or if you want to get Dhalsim back in to zone with a tag cancel (Example: Dhalsim launches->Ogre hunting hawk 2 hits->st.Hk xx lk owl hunt tag cancel->Dhalsim combo). Use post launcher comboes that gives Dhalsim teleport mixups:>c.lp->df.Hk (sweep) - - forward kick air tp in to air normal (Covers normal get up and roll) or back punch tp (covers roll but lands on other side) If performed correctly this setup is a safe jump. You can also do>lk slide->>c.hp xx lp fireball (They are knocked down before the lp fireball hits them)->punch tp (You can cross up tp and get a fireball trap with the lp fireball you threw)

Poke a lot with df.lp (the long limb), with this you can anti air with mp most of the times if they jump at you as you do the lp. Avoid f.Hp and fireballs unless they are outside of jump in range.

“anti air” jump ins by lk sliding under the opponent and go for lk link/mp link in to blockstring or confirm, throw or go for instant air hk drill to set up frame trap pressure.

Use drills. Find the distance where they hit the opponent’s feet, and go for frame traps when they block it. -> is an easy confirm in to launcher, and if the drills hit, you can react with straight in to launcher (Always go for as few links and avoid boosts in to launcher, as the damage dhalsim gets is mostly from his partner, and you don’t want to scale the combo before your partner gets to do damage).

Don’t use meter ex moves or super with sim. This isn’t always true, but you want to save meter for your partner most of the time. Also save it for alpha counters and cross assault (to equal out the life and possibly mix up). In 2013 sim gets his hard knockdown on blasts, so ex up blast might be more usefull in next version. Up super does more damage too in 2013 (250->280) so it might be worth it some times. Also since boosts will be much more unsafe in 2013, you might need to cancel in to ex moves to stay safe in the next version.

Consider getting a different partner than ogre. I also play that team some times, but ogre just doesn’t do enough damage or gets the best set ups after his comboes, so consider finding a more damaging partner with better mix up and pressure options (Ogre is also better in 2013 though, so who knows).

Thanks for the advise SimSim. It’s a lot to soak in but I’ll try incorporating it. My original partner was Kazuya, I might consider him again. I like Ogre so I’ll give him a chance in 2013. I just got to get in there and play, I’m still forgetting to press forward due to the different commands for Dhalsim normals.

This was a little later that same day. I’ve been playing though, slowly getting better.


Some more gameplay as we get closer to 2013.


I’ve been playing some more since 2013 comes out today.




2013 first day



More 2013