Started sf4, SO MANY ?'S timing really that important?
2.should i download the patches?
3.should i get some match-up exp? there gameplay differences between sf4 and ssf4
5. i main gen and rose, is that wrong

  1. It’s one of the most important facets of the game.
  2. Yes.
  3. Any and all you can, but start light and go against Arcade, do matches against friends, go online and start with Player matches like endless lobby, ranked is a little more unforgiving.
  4. Many. Not just with characters but new mechanics as well and features, same from SSF4 to SSF4 AE.
  5. It’s never wrong to main a person you like, don’t let a tier list determine your choice in character. Just learn how to use them properly, and by that I mean, know their ins and outs so you can perform well. Don’t worry about trying to look “pro” or something, we all started as noobs sometime…
  6. A Meaty is an attack who’s attack portion lasts a long time, usually is a good hit confirm for a combo or super, and good to use against some opponents waking up for pressure, as well as other uses. Someone who is salty means they are a sore loser, and that’s not a joke either. We all get salty from time to time.

mmm indeed