Starting a fighting game community

Basically, I just love fighting games, all of them (in spite of being horrible) and the whole community that comes with it. I live in London, but am currently at university in Canterbury. I am currently planning to start a club/community for fighting games in Canterbury, that would most likely be based at the University of Kent (free rooms to rent and projectors woo), but of course any one who wants to would be welcome to attend. I would probably try to have a gathering for casuals, and maybe a friendly tournament once every 2-4 weeks, with cash tournaments depending on the success of this. During any university holidays, I would be back in London with all my gear, and happy to try and rent a room, and host tournaments or casuals.

What I currently have:

Xbox 360, Xbox to VGA cable, Speaker cable, Speakers, 22" monitor (might be able to borrow a larger TV from a friend), 360 TE Stick, 360 HORI Stick (On preorder with Blazblue CT).

Street Fighter 4, Street Fighter Anniverseray Collection (xbox, is backwards compatible, contains 3rd strike), Street Fighter 2 HD Remix (Xbox), Marvel Vs Capcom 2 (Xbox), Tekken 6 (360) Blazblue CT (preordered), Virtua Fighter 5, thinking about picking up Soul Calibur 4.

The plan would be to try and build up a community, with everyone who comes welcome to use either stick, or a 360 pad, or bring their own controler if they wish to. I would probably aim to have the first meeting the weekend or 2 after I recieve my Blazblue + stick, as it would definately be more fun with 2 sticks for everyone to use. What I would like from you, is any help or advice with running such a club/community, help spreading the word, advice on games, setting up, just anything that could be helpful. I would also like to consider running streams for this in future, as I think that is just good fun for anyone watching or playing. I don’t know anything about how setting up a stream works, so any help would be much appreciated.

I was unsure of which board to make this in, so if necessary please move. If I have not given enough detail on anything, or you want to know more please let me know, I am Thoroughly looking forward to running this club!

Go ahead and get it started if possible before CT; I highly doubt there will be that much draw for it. Have people BYOC and then you should be fine without that second stick. If not, keep plugging. It’s what I’ve been doing, keep promoting and get your friends involved, and you should be able to have good draws.

I think it’s most likely that most people entering would be pretty novice, and thus not own their own stick, which was one reason I was planning on holding off til then. another reason would be, it’s only 3 weeks away, and I could use that time to plan for everything, prepare the room, put up posters advertising, gather intrest etc. I will be forcing my friends to come, so that’s a good start of about 10 people, and then a few people from the video games club said they’d be interested in coming. Also after posting this on a couple other forums, some people who live fairly close said they would be interested in coming, so all this sounds like a good start to me.

Perhaps set up a small forum for club members to organise stuff and chat on with directions to your local meeting place?

See if any local game stores would be willing to carry a few leaflets advertising your club (I know some bookstores do that for anime and manga clubs)

And perhaps make going to a local pub afterwards a regular thing if you got one near, people seem more willing to go to hobby clubs even if their paticular bit of a hobby isn’t getting that much time at the moment if you can go have a drink and a laugh with the mates you make there afterwards.

Of course all my experience isn’t from fighting games clubs since the closest I’ve found to setting up a community is bringing a bunch of fighting games up on the local anime club’s games days and getting a bit of a rotation going so it may not be completely relevent but I figured it might be worth posting up just in case, the first 2 should definately be handy anyway.

Thanks, that’s some pretty good advice. Leaflets in game stores is a great idea, and everyone enjoys a drink after. For a forum, I don’t really have the resources or the technical know-how to do this, but if theres some way to set up a free one, that’d be great.

Your fighting game community goes by the name of NeoEmpire.

Ever been to a NeoEmpire event?
SvB, BoD etc were some major high profile events being held in London.
I’m not even from England and i’ve been to the 08/09 edition, so it’s highly unlikely that you’ve never heard of that organization operating in your own backyard.

What makes you think I’ve never hear of it? I’m just trying to make the fighting scene grow, and host some small scale events?

I don’t really get what your point is, but you seem to be acusing me of something.

Maybe he means to work in coop with them to have better results than if you worked on your own.

Your thread would probably be more effective on neoempire, where they actually have regional forums for the UK. SRK is mostly US/Canada.

But anyway, you’ll probably need to advertise on campus and actively look for students who play fighting games, as I don’t think they’ll let you form an organization on campus with one student and a bunch of locals.

I’d ditch the idea of forming a campus organization to use campus resources, at least until your community is large enough that you need to do it. imo I’d rather go to a session at someone’s house than at some room on campus I’ve never heard of until now. Would you rather your community be a bunch of people who get together on campus to play video games, or would you rather they be friends who can welcome each other into their homes?


@EDDUR @tataki:
Well they’re more London based, and I was planning on running this out of Canterbury, there seems to be a decent amount of people interested that it should have a strong start, and I would of course love to work with neoempire if possible.

I posted this on neo empire as well, but using the reigonal forums might be a good idea as well, so thanks for that. I probably should have posted an edited version here, but I guess I’m looking for more general advice on setting up and running a community, and also, SRK probably gets a lot more viewers, and maybe people a lot more knoledgeable about such things.

I’m only living in campus halls myself, so holding it in my room would really only ammount to a smaller room, and rooms are free to book on campus, and it doesnt have to be a University only club, anyone is welcome to come to it. I will look more into (free) good locations, maybe talk to some local game shops and see if they’d be willing to host us.

I’ve been gearing up to start a fighting game community in my town aswell, Peterborough ON Canada. I have a few friends who do play but it’s all over xbox live and I really want to have some small events at my apartment. I’ve already made a website for the ‘club’. We use to have an arcade in town called Raiders of the Lost Arcade and I’ve named the club after it as Raiders II’ ala Keystone II. I’m excited to have an event at my place and I’ll be posting pictures from it once it’s all set up and done. If it all goes smooth then I’ll have more but till then Raiders II’ is just for me and my roommate.

Go to GGPO, and gather members.
There’s prolly people in your area that want to play offline, but have no idea you are setting up a club.