Starting a new Hobby

I guess this is directed to all the experienced modders here, I’m a really bored engineering student and i’ve been doing alot of reading, mainly in this forum, and i’d like to start building sticks.

Seriously between video games, school and work i don’t have anything else to do and i’m about to quit my job because school hours are getting erratic so i’m definitely going to need something to do.

So i’m here to see what i’d need to get started on the process tool-wise. Being an engineering student gets me access to alot of computer tools aka autocad, everything adobe has etc. My 1st project will be completely modding an old T5 hori stick, it’s just sitting there asking for it. So if any of you guys can get a little list started, i’m looking as well, then i can get ot there and get them.

Read this website 10x:

Dude thanx alot

Basically for most projects just modding you will need:

Dremel Tool
Dremel Sanding Bits
Hobby Knife
Drill Bits- both basic drill bits up to say 1/4", and then forstner or step or spade bits for 24mm and 30mm
Soldering Iron
Wire, lots of it in most cases, I use 24 gauge personally, most people don’t care for it as it’s too heavy. Solid-core is your friend.
Basic tool kit, screwdrivers, hex keys, just a basic assortment for opening stuff up

That should get you through almost every mod job I can think of, aside from the ordering of parts from wherever.

If you want to get into case building, that will require a whole different set of tools based on what you wish to do. Saw, router, wood bits are the basics, but if you start playing with acrylic you will want to buy an acrylic knife for scoring and snapping it.

you should just browse around the site a bit more, there is tons of info around