Starting a NY Tournament would like some input

Hey everybody I have been lurker here for sometime and after talking to some people we have decided to try and put together a tournament in New York’s Chinatown, called “Underground DOJO” We have a space that is 4,500 square feet, 1 - 2 projectors and 8 32" screens. We want to do a tournament every other month, and hopefully every month. Here is what I was thinking I would really like your opinions on what I can do to make this thing really pimp.

Three Main Tournaments

SSFIV - Single Elimination
TvC - Single Elimination
MvC2 - Single Elimination

Tournament Entry $10 prize 65/20/10/5
Space Fee $5

Three Different Micro-Tournaments (small hourly 8 man tournaments) From SSfIV to Smash Bros. and others
$4 Entry 80/20
$1 Space fee

Gamer Lounge
Just a place chill while you are waiting
3 Systems with 32" screens playing different games for free

What do you guys thing please I am open to feedback.

This sounds nice. it sounds cheap to attend too and there’s plenty of nyc players looking for tournaments to enter. I’m not experienced with the tourney scene, only been to a few, but the only worry I have about anything you said was tvc being one of the 3 main games. I have nothing against tvc, and would play it if I had a fightstick for wii, but I’m not sure how popular the game is. There was a tourney recently (maybe guard crush?) in nyc that was going to run tvc but only 1 person showed up. It can definitely be one of the micro-tourney games you mentioned, but I’m not sure about a main one.
Also, I’m not sure what you would replace tvc with if you do decide to make another game take its place. maybe hd remix? or to add a different flavor to the 3 main games you can have gg:ac (this is my personal preference b/c ive been in the mood for gg lately even though ive never played it… I really want to though! or perhaps more realistically bb:cs since it’ll be a new game the community can get into when it comes out in the end of july? Idk, just thoughts.
You didn’t mention anything about you having experience running tournaments. If you don’t have experience maybe you can get someone to work with you who does have experience with it since it can be a headache at times? Because with an event like this in an accesible part of manhattan your bound to get a lot of entrants.

You’re not going to get anyone for TvC, and I’m not sure about MvC2, but who knows.

I’m definitely up for this though.

yup no ones gonna show for tvc. you might as well ad hd remix, blazblue or something else.

hope to see this work out well. more tourneys are welcomed in ny. venuee sounds nice also where is the location?

Thanks for the support. The actual location is on 87 87 Lafayette St. That is two blocks below Canal St. and about a 4 min walk from Chinatown Fair arcade. I got the memo lol TvC out HD Remix in :smiley:
I would really like the goal for this whole event is to make Underground DOJO more of a club and a place for players to play and socialize. So all feedback is welcome and very much appreciated.