Starting a Pilgrimage to Valhalla (Canada) come join thy Oldergod! Who is ready to follow moi?


This is not a troll thread. I am legit moving to Canada prob by the November of 2017. Hell, I might join brother @thurst in Korea. Is it too late to pledge my allegiance to the one true super powah…China??

Either way the time has come. Choose. Life or death.


It’s not too late. Pledge your allegiance and Trump might make you Court Jester :MAGABottledWater:


Also for all you niggas that seriously voted trump




Such disrespect!!

I will make sure your God Emp will be Impeached!! with his oompa loompa lookin ass.


sure. see you on srk in nov 2017 talking about its rough in new york

you and razor

yall aint going no where



So got your 50k, relevant batchelors degree and fluency in French ready then?


Jobs in Canada or big cities. Hah! Good luck with that.
Your better off staying in America and not having shit Canadian dollars.

Also hope your not talking about South Korea there. If your not a female there you might as well be dead. Another thing to mention is that they had some riots when their public found out that a shadow government really does exist there and was using President Park Geun-hye as a speaker head.

All in all, stop being a baby.



I would welcome you to Sweden, but I’m not sure Americans would enjoy a country where gun ownership is more or less banned and taxes are high to fund a social security net.


@“Shadow Ace” that’s a pity…my sister will be joining the movement. I guess you’re forfeiting your mission. Pity.

@Raz0r you will be my Boricua Consigliere.

50k? Lol…yea. BA degree? Check. French? Nah I don’t speak faggot.


Just so long as you stay away from my fat bitches, we cool


You only need French for Quebec because they’re assholes. The rest of the nation speaks English and French but mostly English.

Besides, I can move to Canada with much less than 50K. I can probably get in there with $500. I’m a highly educated person who is a beloved writer and a master of industry.

So yeah, I’m coming through.


Yea, don’t need french. Just don’t move to Quebec.


Bachelors- check
Money- Check
Français- Qui
I’m off to the superior frontier that is Toronto.


Yeah they don’t want any of you.
Plus unless you know French already, c’est la vie.

This should help you delusional cowards though.

Plus your ass is getting deported anyway raz0r.


Enjoy ur ham slice “bacon”


Epi… go to bed. :rofl:


So long as you’re under 45 years old, with an education, you can get into Canada.