Starting a site..what are your opinions


I’m starting a website that will host fighting game tournaments…i have a small committee and we haven’t come to a conclusion of which games we will use regularly…the goal is to EVENTUALLY be for SFIV, KofXII, Blazblue, Tekken 6…and small hdr tournaments and such…but being that in the time that the site opens (late 09) that games such as KOFXII as well as Tekken 6 maybe even blazblue players won’t feel as comfortable with there skill set so as primary games what do you think should go alongside, SFIV and Blazblue…what do you all think about virtua fighter soul calibur and others…

what would be your primary 4?


all of them;


you should look at the your competition and aim to do a more.

Super Turbo is an essential :tup: