Starting a Talk Show/Podcast

Just like the title says I’ll be starting a new Talk Show/ Podcast. I know no one on this site knows me (there are a few here and there) however I want this to go right so I’m looking for ideas and then feed back after I do shows.

That link will take you to the site the show would be on as well as my Facebook and Twitter. Leave anything you think could be helpful.

The route I want to take this show is towards, having a guest on the show. He and I would be talking, I would ask questions and then I would allow a few callers to ask questions to answer.

Obviously I won’t be able to have big name guests (right away) so I’m looking for knowledgeable players though. The segment won’t always feature SF but I want this community to be a part of this to get gaming out there as a whole.

Now as far as the first show goes which should be coming up in March if all goes well on my end for time I want Super Street Fighter 4 to be my first topic of discussion.

I’m also looking into a Co-Host but first I want to make sure I have everything situated with just running the show lol.

If any comments, ideas, questions, or anything else:
Email -
Twitter -
Facebook -!/NinjaCW
Blogtalkradio -

If I missed something feel free to ask, thanks again.

Double Post :frowning:

New GVN Podcast ;

Check it out! Hubbs’ co-host and he’ll be my co-host in my upcoming show!

First show is gonna be monday at 11pm EST! Sorry for such a late time buuuuut that’s the earliest late nite I can get :frowning:

Make sure to tune in!