Starting a Tournament Scene in OR (Myrtle Creek, OR)

I am located in Myrtle Creek, just off the I-5 on exit 112. I have a big venue, and I am on the fence about creating a tournament scene here, there are a lot of colleges/ Jr colleges in the area, so it may be worth while.

If i do this will there be a lot of people in Oregon that would appreciate me hosting it? if so does anyone know the fighting game players that live here?

I go to OSU and I recently found the FGC here. Its pretty small here in Oregon. Portland is the most scenic from what Ive seen. Below Eugene towards southern Oregon idk what the population is in terms of gamers, but it would be best to look into how many gamers are in your local area. It would be nice for us here at OSU to join, but its hard for some of us to find a ride up to Portland. If you do go to a college in Oregon you should advertise a little bit and get a little community together to get a good idea of the rang of people you have. If you can build a community there I would glady help you by joining our community with yours which ever way I can somehow. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply James, I dont currently go to the colleges here, i did just sign up for the spring in the roseburg community college so ill try to get some word out there hopefully in the coming month. I am open to any and all games and ive hosted before in california, i know how to run a tourny pretty well. I’ll keep trying to find people and a community here, and there will always be money to win! :smiley:

Well Ill let you know how were doing up here. We have around 8+ people who stay up to date. But i want to do more advertisement and see how that turns out.

Sorry if this a bit off-topic, but I couldn’t find a portland thread. I’ll be in the area in May for vacation with the girlfriend, and my friends told me about groundkontrol. Is there an active ST/3S community up there? I’d love to get some beers and matches in if anyone’s playing.

Cheers from Minneapolis,


Well Gerrett im not sure but i think my current venue will be moving to springfeild, so that might be a lil closer for you. ill keep people in informed with the info i get as it comes.