Starting a website

Okay, I want to start a website and do something really simple within the next 24 hours: OWN THE WEBSITE I WANT TO USE. I’ve never done this before, and for those of you that have/do, what’s the best thing for me to do right now to fulfill this goal?



So far, i’m debating on registering with godaddy, serve, and providerwebhosting… Any help?

I run a few sites and I rent a VPS (Virtual Private Server) from I think I have 10 sites on there right now plus a uokaillera server that always seems responsive. $15/mo for the unmanaged VPS and anothet $3 for automatic daily backups. I usually register the domains on

I’ll do just about anything I can to avoid godaddy. You can get a ton of bandwidth for a little bit of money but the service I’ve had from them has been straight up abysmal. Not sure what shared hosts are actually good anymore. It’s been a while since I used one.

The last time I used a shared host and didn’t have any problems was

They were cheap. I had a couple sites on there for as long as 3 or 4 years without any issues. I only left to get all the sites onto the VPS.

Does that help? I’m sure exactly what you’re asking.

Thanks GBDF! I decided to purchase a website from, which seemed to me like the most professional choice for what I am looking for. I found them from the list on this site, .

Now, all I need to know is what’s the best software to use to develop a ‘basic’ business website as well as any documentation or books that might help. I need nothing super fancy, because my website will not be geared towards that.

Once everything is settled and confirmed, I will share with you all what i’m doing.


inmotion looks pretty good. According to their chart they have pretty much everything you need to get started there already. You just have to pick what you want to use.

Did you get one of the e-commerce accounts? (Business Class Hosting either Power or Pro?)

If so then it’s got things you can use to start a website right away including shopping cart software and everything.