Starting Akuma

Hey i’ve decided to main Akuma and i was wondering what combos/fundamentals should a beginner learn and what after that. I’ve done all but 4 of the challenges and don’t know really where to go from there.
Any help would be appreciated thx
I play on pc btw so no patch yet if that matters…

Should’ve asked that in the F.A.Q section.
Actually I don’t even know how to correctly answer the question, cuz in order to become a good Akuma you have to first and foremost have a ton of expirience with the character, and match-up knowledge, and those two things cannot be counted as an advice lol, but they’re much more important then learning how to combo or vortex with him in my opinion.
So first of all start lurking the match-up thread, everytime you’ll lose a match, it would be probably cuz you made a mistake, or the opponent made a move that you didn’t know how and with what to punish properly, so every time that happens (and it should happen a lot) go to that thread, read about it, practice the set-up\punishment\etc in training room and make sure that doesn’t happen to you again.

The other big thing is that you should learn his anti-air and footsie game, Akuma dies really fast, so the key to beign good with him, is to have a proper defence, so that people who try to go in on you, would have a rough time doing so. I for one didn’t read much when I started out with the SF series and my first main was Akuma, I’ve heard about his awsome vortex and cool-looking combos so I’ve been focusing on that, and didn’t pay much attention to his ground and anti-air game, that came to haunt me when I became semi-decent, sure I knew the setups, but I could be completely decimated if my opponent had a solid footsie game, I simply didn’t know what to do againts that.
So even now, after like 3 years of playing the game, I stiil rely to much on FA and don’t react with an AA as often as I should, so don’t repeat my mistake, don’t go for the fancy stuff right off the bat, try to learn his fundamentals first.

Where can i learn his Bnb and footsies setups and stuff from im really new like first fighting game new i’ve been following the scene for a week…

Stickies in this forum; there’s one thread for combos and two for setups. Footsies is just learning what works like any other character.

videos of LordofUltima help a lot also.

trainingroom will be your friend!
when I started with akuma, I watched some youtube videos with his bnb, picked one and practiced untill I dont screw it up… and so on… but like Ganishka said, a good defense is a good start for a better offense! I think my practice times were something like 1-2h practice and 30min online…
You have to deal with alot of stuff, at first place with losing. You will lose to worser, srk and ultra masher charakters, but that’s one part with akuma, you have to get over it. After climbing the wall and reaching to the peak, akuma is so much fun, I cant imagine to play another charakter!