Starting early with SF

So I recently had a newborn… baby boy Nathaniel :slight_smile:

As a proud father, I’m trying to get him to enjoy Street Fighter as much as I do, I guess the younger they start, the better right?

First attempt @ 5 weeks

Second attempt @ 9 weeks

He managed to do a hadoken (with my assistance of course :D)


Well…they do say you learn best when you’re young. Just don’t cross that line when the hobby stops being the child’s hobby and starts being you living through your child.


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He’s a cutie. and I doubt there’s any way that the child could get sick of street fighter…
Imagine the punishments, instead of “Go to your room” and “stand in the corner” it’d be “Work on that dash sonic hurricane!”. I’d be overjoyed if I were the kid.

I approve!

Not gonna lie, that’s pretty adorable.

Just don’t destroy him in his 1st couple games when he gets older. My younger brother used to love SF before I played him, lol.

very cool! XD

That is both super cute and super badass

What if the baby is a pad player though and you just don’t know it yet?

that’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while. and I don’t normally say babies are cute